How do you stop dog from smelly farts?

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my dogs farts stinks like a *****! how to make him stop farting and for it to not smell so much. he's a Boston terrier.


Try this:-
- give the dog as high a quality food that you can afford. Avoid ones which have lots of cheap fillers, like wheat, soy or corn, as these not only can cause and worsen flatulence, but are also empty calories to the dog. Good quality food is typically rich in a good quality meat (not a by-product) and has a good source of carbohydrates, like potatoes or rice for instance. Avoid anything which contains artificial additives, as these can not only make the flatulence worse, but also result in the dog becoming hyperactive too.

- try to keep to just one variety of food if you can. Switching round from one type to another repeatedly can worsen flatulence too.

- keep a diary of which foods the dog is having and when the smells are bad. That can help too, since the flatulence could be down to problems with certain types of food, like if the dog is lactose intolerant for example.

- obviously make sure you take the dog for walks every day. Taking them for walks not only is necessary to keep them healthy and prevent obesity, but it can also aid the digestive process.

- if you give them dog safe human food, limit or avoid giving them foods which are known to cause flatulence, such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Avoid giving them sweet foods like biscuits (obviously not counting dog biscuits) as this can make it worse

- if your dog is eating too fast, this can also cause it, since eating quickly can result in the dog swallowing excess air. Try feeding the dog from a gobble bowl, Kong or activity ball, or maybe by hand in order to slow them down. It can also help to feed them smaller meals more frequently, and if you have more than one dog, to separate them first. That way, the dog won't feel the need to gulp his food down first before any other dog takes it from him.

- if the dog is overweight, try to get him to lose a bit of weight. Obesity can make flatulence worse too.

- if nothing works, then take him to a vet. There are lots of medical conditions which can cause and worsen flatulence in dogs such as intestinal worms, irritable bowel syndrome or pancreatic problems.

Hope this helps.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
You examine and change the DIET. It is what you are FEEDING the dog that causes the GAS. Something is difficult for the dog to digest (like soy) or the diet is HIGH carbohydrates (usually grains) that digest into sugar. Dogs are carnivores (meat eaters) not herbivores or omnivores.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
That's just how it be
Anonymous · 2 months ago
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Anonymous · 2 months ago
it's not the dog, it's whatever you're feeding him. try for dog food.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Put some lip balm around his anus so that when he farts, it'll mix with the balm so it won't stink that much.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Feed him a higher quality food, preferably a grain free dog food.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Better quality food that's easier to digest. Additionally, because Boston Terriers have a wider jaw, proportionally, they tend to take in a lot of air when they gulp their food. A slow feeding or puzzle bowl so they have to take smaller bites and eat more slowly will help.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Better food. Id evaluate what you are feeding him and try to eliminate ingredients that may be causing gas.
Elevate his bowls... Some dogs gulp more air when bending over to eat. Air has to go somewhere.. And if he doesnt belch... It goes out the other end.
If he eats fast, get a brakefast bowl or spmething similar... Again a dog that eats fast will gulp air...
Snub nosed breeds tend to take in more air as they eat so they tend to be prone to gas. You cant fix his nose, but making him slow down and raise his bowl when he eats may help.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
You feed it a better quality grain free food than you currently are, Though any the dogs diet should be done slowly also
Anonymous · 2 months ago
I have DDB's and they have a lot of gas! It's the "smashed" face that makes them take in a lot air when they eat. I buy very good dog/puppy food but it doesn't help. I never know though what the dogs actually do compared to what just gets blamed on them.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Try different good or take to vet
Anonymous · 2 months ago