Where is the made up crisis happening at the boarder?

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Where is the violence with drug criminals and gangs fighting? I didn't see it reported or any video's of it happening. Can you post any video's of it happening. So far and no offence , it seems like a heaping pile of BS Trump supporters made up because they hate mexicans but I could be wrong. I just never seen this violence happening.


It's not really at the Border so much as gangs in Los Angeles and we should not use Due Process on illegal foreign Invaders coming in waging WAR like they were just criminals. Police and courts can't fight a WAR. Our military should have unrestricted license to kill a foreign Enemy. Pull them out of the prisons and splatter the Gang members.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Put glasses on....
Anonymous · 2 months ago
It is not pc to show illegals as criminals.
You must have a very limited choice of media NOT to see the criminals swarming into Mexico.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Mexican and South of the border gang members make up the majority of prisoners in California's vast prison system.
New Mexico and Arizona even though they have relatively small populations are #2 and #9 in the whole US in violent crime because of south of the border crime.
90% of all heroin/ illegal opioids in the US (that killed 50,000 young Americans 2016/17) floods over the open Mexican border.
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras are the highest crime/ murder states on earth, failed states, narco dictatorships out of control, violent gangs are the society, in Honduras femicide is widely practiced to assure more males for gangs, rape gangs run loose in all 3 countries, 15% of children are sexually assaulted. Human trafficking, kidnapping are big business and all 3 are full of narco corrupt cops, mercenaries, terrorists and flooded with military weapons.
This you want to allow into the US?
CHECK MY FACTS.....Just use Google and for the 3 countries just Google the country name and click on Wikipedia and then Google 'crime in...' and insert the country's name.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
The mayor of Tijuana has said the citizens have to pay for these vagrants now
They threw rocks at Mexican guards at south border
They stole, pooed in public and trespassed all the way up Mexico to get to US border
They rejected Mexican asylum
Anonymous · 2 months ago
It used to be on YouTube.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
It is made up. There are street gangs and their are desperate hombres but you are absolutely right over all. The immigrants actually deserve much praise for their decency and productivity.
And as for welfare, a common accusation, I think that if you want the labor then maybe you need to accept the old, disabled or unproductive as well, because basically they are a village. Donald /Trump would like to cherry pick, but the Latinos are a family people. For them family values is not just a code word.
And Christianity is not a code word either.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
All made up by Trump. There are some illegals crossing the borders but everything else he's just made up.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
The opposition to the refugees at the border is nakedly racist. Trump's base are white Evangelicals, a notoriously backward, racist, reactionary, punitive, vindictive and petty bunch.
Anonymous · 2 months ago