Question about hacking?

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Im 13 and do i ve always wanted to be a hacker but like I don t want to become one of those hackers who end up in jail. Is hacking illegal? I wouldn t use hacking for bad stuff. What if I wanted to hack an account on a game but just go on the account to see if it worked not to do anything.


You can look into CEH: Certified Ethical Hacking

As some others have said, the "good" kind of hacker who is a "white-hat" hacker. A white hack hacker might be employed in a company's cyber-security team/department. They might perform "attacks" on their networks to find vulnerabilities, etc. Or, you might work in a security company and be hired by other companies to test their network security. Of course, anything that you can and cannot do should be clearly documented to prevent any misunderstandings and protection of both parties.

For this type of work, you'll want to study something like Computer Science, Computer Security, or something closely related. It also helps to have strong writing skills. Based on your question, "What if I wanted to hack an account on a game but just go on the account to see if it worked not to do anything." I don't really understand what you're asking.

But whatever you do, do NOT attempt to hack into anyone's computer(s) or network without their explicit permission. Doing that is illegal and can probably get you arrested. You can 'hack' your computers all you want, though.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
the act of defeating someones security is considered an attack more or less .. if it can be traced to you there will likely be legal repercussions ..
Anonymous · 2 months ago
To perform the act of hacking is an illegal offence....whether you chose to do more past that point or not. Therefore, you can and would be charged with a crime for it.

If you wanted to learn what hackers can do, security companies hire people to help with online security and test their software. Finish high school, go to college, then go to work for them. That's the safest, most legal way of being a 'hacker' in today's world.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
What you're thinking of is called "white hat hacking". A white hat hacker tries to hack into things to find out how it can be done and help make it harder for someone with bad intentions to hack it. If you want to become a white hat hacker, major in computer security or something similar in college.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
What you do with the account is irrelevant. Entering an account of another person without his permission is illegal.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
The ONLY way to do that 100% legally is to look for people that want someone to test security, or advertise that you will, and wait to be contacted.
Anonymous · 2 months ago