How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?

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Any makeup products, home remedies, or cream recommendations are appreciated.


If you wear makeup, use your ring finger under your eyes as it's the most gentle and won't cause any bruising leading to dark circles.

Alsoooo, i used to soak a tea-towel or flannel in water and then put it in the freezer overnight, in the morning, hold it under your eyes, over your dark circles and it reduces the redness and swelling a lot!

The only other thing i do, is when i wear makeup i use a red colour correcting concealer or if i don't have any a little tiny bit of red or orange toned lipstick under my eyes on my dark circles, blend it in slightly to remove any harsh lines and then do my foundation, normal concealer and so on. This covers them insanely well
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look @ the webmd site
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Going to a skin specialist.
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laser resurfacing
do blood tests for various vitamins and minerals....and see which area u are lacking in....and start supplements for them .

please answer mine
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Get some more sleep and drink more water
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a concealer
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Don't know
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Don't stay up late
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If you aren't sleep deprived, your circles are probably genetic. Either you have naturally darker skin or very thin skin where you veins cause the skin to look darker. The easiest way to deal with this is a concealer in a shade that is lighter than your natural skin color or foundation color.
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Try to incorporate an ice roller or jade stone into your regular skin routine. Also there is an eye cream called "la pearl" by Tatcha that basically erases dark circles and bags. Always do little tapping motions when you apply products around your eyes to promote circulation
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Creams don't work, except to make cosmetic companies rich. Reviews of eye rollers indicate that they don't work, just a fad. Home remedies only work for puffy eyes, not dark circles. Much easier to extract water and reduce swelling than get rid of pigment.

Dark circles are often hereditary. Concealer works great. Nars radiant creamy concealer, or the concealer stick are great.
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Drink more water have proper time of sleeping have a proper diet also I tried to put cucumber under my eyes I noticed they look much better after a week
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You can cut a potato in circle slices and put them on your dark circles. That should make it better!
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Lots of cold water, cut back on salt and sugar, cold compresses, vitamins, extended sleep (not on your face)...
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Don't treat the discoloration symptoms, treat the problem that cause dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles are caused by a number of things:

Poor Sleep Habits, Insomnia, resulting in Fatigue
Lack of Blood Circulation
Hypothyroidism/Thyroid problems
Allergies (from natural seasonal allergens in the air to cosmetics)

Relief Solutions/Remedies;
Almond Oil
Cucumber Slices
Potato Slices
Rose Water

Howsoever, if you find out the CAUSE of the under eye discoloration and treat it, it will disappear, once and for all.
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Sliced cucumber
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