Why isn't there a diagnostic separation between severe depression and depression?

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It really frustrates me, because everyone around me tells me that depression is extremely common and that they are all experiencing depression, but I feel like they don't understand. Why isn't there a distinction between "I'm pretty depressed", and "I'm so severely depressed that I can't function". It's not "common" to have attempted suicide 10+ times by the age of 15. I feel like because everyone thinks its so common, that I can't get the treatment I need.


Depression is a spiritual condition of the heart that causes a person to sometimes commit suicide (What are the most horrendous attempts like jumping from a bridge or under a train, are actually quite easy for a person suffering depression) - Sins are usually sexual, bearing false witness and idolatry/fame etc.
(Or even taking drugs and pursuing contemporary material things) - These are false relationships, and eventually cause illness.

Bobby Brown said, 'You can't touch this' - His family commit suicide - And his fate could be worse.

Drugs are just temporal - And if anything, prolong the conditions which have not been forgiven by God.

You must not go down this path.
Seek church and good people.
Be productive in work and have some charity - This will purify the heart. (Do some exersize and take up a hobby)
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That is actually a very good point. I'm sorry that you feel that way. Maybe you can use those terms If you need to speak to someone and tell them you are not depressed but severly depressed that you cant do everyday things
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There is Dysthymia, which is a low level type of depression that usually lasts for around 2 years. There is also Major Depressive Disorder.
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There is a distinction. It is called clinical depression.
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Depression is a vast gray area. It's hard to see where the line between different degrees of depression are.
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The Hamilton Rating Scale is one of the scales used to rate severity.

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Although this is a common thought in society and I understand why it frustrates you, your psychiatrist will/does understand the difference. You CAN get the help that you need. If you explain your symptoms, the severity of your depression will be understood.
And I'm sorry that your question got flooded with trolls.
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I have been "clinically" depressed since I was a teenager. I'm 62 now. I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. I started seeing a therapist on and off from the time I was a teenager. In my 30's, I had reached a point that I knew I needed medication. That really helped with the bipolar. Unfortunately, there is no medication or cure for borderline personality disorder, and that's what drove me to 4 in-patient stays in a psychiatric facility following suicide attempts. Despite all odds, I have come to a place where I am finally comfortable with myself and living a life that actually makes me happy. For me, that meant not relying on anyone else, other than my psychiatrist! I recommend you begin with regular visits to a therapist or psychologist, but be careful, there are many people out there that care more about making money than caring for their patients. I had one therapist who fell asleep during our sessions. No kidding. Ask your primary care doctor to help you find somebody good. Share EVERYTHING with your therapist, or they won't be able to help you. It doesn't matter what you're diagnosed with, what they call it, or what people think. The important thing is to get help from someone who knows what they're doing. If you don't like the therapist, get one you do like. There will be no healing unless you feel comfortable enough to take them through your personal hell. No one on this chat room can give you the help you need and DESERVE. You are absolutely right. What you are feeling is not "the blues" or just a "bad day." Please, talk to a medical professional and get some honest to God real help. I understand. I know you're scared. There is a way forward. Take the first step, and find people who will be there to help you take the rest of the steps in your long, beautiful life. I'm rooting for you.
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