Am i the only one who prefers crash bandicoot games over mario games?

2 answers · 2 months ago
The classic three crash bandicoots and the N Sane is better than any all mario game in my opinion. Crash team racing is better than all mario karts in my opinion.

I love Mario but crash bandicoot has the better games in my opinion.


Crash Team Racing certainly is regarded as superior to any Mario Kart game by a sizeable number of people, including me. As for the 3D games, I haven t played Galaxy 1 or 2 or Odyssey but my impression is that Mario 64 was a more immersive game - but I found it too difficult and preferred Banjo Kazooie and Conker s Bad Fur Day. Crash Bandicoot s platformers are basic stuff - kind of an Indiana Jones run from the rolling ball and go in temples and through jungles basic game. In terms of locations, a forerunner of Naughty Dog s Uncharted series, of course.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Your not the only one, I've met plenty of people who prefer crash bandicoot over Mario. I just never owned a PS1 so never got into it
Anonymous · 2 months ago