I turn on my computer but my gpu shows display only for a minute or two .. pls help me with this problem . I have msi 1050ti?

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check your psu for adequate size. try a psu sizer app online. [i use newegg's -- it's linked on lower left of the power supplies page]

note that an old psu that no longer supplies rated output might cause this as well. that requires a testing device to figure out. see your local technician on this
Anonymous · 2 months ago
What else you have, where do you have connected your display to (GPU or Motherboard), what happens exactly, is this a freshly built PC, have you changed anything on that PC before that happened, did that PC ever show a correct display?


I doubt it's the power supply - still possible, though. The 1050 ti draws slightly more power than the 750 ti, but not that much more (75W as compared to 60W, either one is rated to work with a 300W computer PSU).

When the screen goes blank - has windows (assuming you use windows) booted up completely, or could it still e.g. be loading the graphics drivers? In that case, my suggestion would be to connect your screen (for the time being) to the motherboard's display output and then update your graphics drivers.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Try changing the battery on the circuitboard

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