Paid $75.00 to mechanic. What to expect for inspection of a used car I bought?

7 answers · 5 days ago
I didn't feel like he did much. He just looked under the hood & told me to change filters & coolant liquid


You should have asked what was included in his check before hiring him.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
For $75 he should have driven it for 10-15 minutes anyway. After you already drove it a half hour.
Anonymous · 4 days ago
You should expect much more than that for your $75. Ask him to give you a report of what he checked.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
That sounds right.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
he should have it on a lift for that price and look underneath , nothing much can be inferred from the under hood inspection
Anonymous · 5 days ago
I would expect they put it up on a lift and inspect the underside for worn parts and rusted brake lines.
You got taken by that guy, not even a quick cooling system pressure test or a proper brake inspection.

A proper inspection would entail many things that shop neglected to do, he owes you $50 back for that.

I hope you took the time to check all the electrical stuff for proper operation, bulbs and wipers stuff etc.
This is why I always make the dealer put it up on a lift for me to inspect myself, then do the dealing part.
You can often knock a big $ off if you point out the underside issues that need fixing to be road worthy.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
even just to diagnose that takes time
Anonymous · 5 days ago