What is the purpose of meaning?

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To reproduce
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Meaning is what makes language comprehensible. If words and concepts didn't have commonly accepted meanings, then no-one would be able to communicate with anyone else because when one person spoke no-one else could be confident what message they were wishing to convey.
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The purpose of meaning is to give purpose it's meaning.
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Meaning is a fundamental component of consciousness. It is the bridge that ties the senses to intellect.
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To assert 'being'.
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Without meaning, there would be no joy or purpose in life.
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In linguistics, meaning is the information or concepts that a sender intends to convey, or does convey, in communication with a receiver.

Semantic meaning

The relationship between words and their referents is called semantic.[3] Semantics is the study of how meaning is conveyed through signs and language. Understanding how facial expressions, body language, and tone affect meaning, and how words, phrases, sentences, and punctuation relate to meaning are examples. Various subgroups of semantics are studied within the fields of linguistics, logic and computing. For example, linguistic semantics includes the history of how words have been used in the past; logical semantics includes how people mean and refer in terms of likely intent and assumptions.

Conceptual meaning

Languages allow information to be conveyed even when the specific words used are not known by the reader or listener. People connect words with meaning and use words to refer to concepts. A person's intentions affect what is meant. Meaning (in English) as intent harkens back to the Anglo-Saxons and is associated today still, with the German verb meinen as to think or intend. ...more......


Meaning (philosophy of language)

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To know that and to communicate that .
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Not to be flippant, but what is the meaning of purpose? Does purpose imply a preordained use or can it be adopted as required?
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"Purpose" is intent (form in motion); "meaning" is content (substance-in-form).

The intent of content feeds forward to intent: function follows form--meaning follows purpose.

Related: Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet.
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Humans are goal oriented, doing better when they have a goal. But having meaning in their life comes from the world's endless conflicts, which is contrived by rich controllers, and an obvious design in everything that prompts questions about why and meaning. Also the death of those who are close to you prompts an equal response. Then there are the periodic appearances of God-men, such as Christ, who get murdered by the state, that causes people to want to find answers.
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The purpose of meaning is to make you understand what is said.
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To provide a commonality for communication
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to have cool
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Meaning is the relationship between one thing and another. A simple example is a letter of the alphabet. A person that can see a certain letter, and relate it to a certain sound understands the letter's meaning.

Practically everything that a person senses has meaning because it all relates to some thing (more often than not, several other things) somehow. Things that have many relationships to many things have more complex meanings than things that have fewer relationships. That's why the meaning of life is so mysterious to so many; it is a very complicated task to organize a lifetime of constant sensory input and experience into a comprehensive coherent system of relationships.

The purpose of meaning is infinitely various. Every single action is based on the meaning of all the relevant information that is available. A person who knows the meaning of a traffic light may base their decision of whether to stop or go on the meaning of the signal's color. Other information may also be relevant, the meaning of a black and white car with a siren and flashing lights might factor into the decision-making process.

To sum it up as briefly as possible, the purpose of meaning is to provide some basis for the making of decisions.
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Meaning :-

1. what is intended to be, or actually is, expressed or indicated; signification; import:
Sentence : the three meanings of a word.

2. the end, purpose, or significance of something:
Sentence : What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of this intrusion?

3. Linguistics .
a. the nonlinguistic cultural correlate, reference, or denotation of a linguistic form; expression.
b. linguistic content (opposed to expression).
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The meaning of a word, expression, or gesture is the thing or idea that it refers to or represents and which can be explained using other words. The meaning of what someone says or of something such as a book or film is the thoughts or ideas that are intended to be expressed by it. If an activity or action has meaning, it has a purpose and is worthwhile - the purpose underlying or intended by speech, action, etc

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