Can I get sdenifil (non-prescription) Viagra tablets past TSA if I put them in my regular pill bottle?

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I am going to go see a girl in February or March. The last woman I was with I had a hard time keeping an erection due to performance anxiety. My father has offered to give me some sdenifil (generic Viagra). I want to take it with me on a the plane. My plan is to bury it between my regular pills and hide it in my carry on bag. Since this is not a controlled substance, would this work? Would they care? Could this have legal precussions?


Their mission isn't to investigate small time prescription drug transfers.
They won't notice and if they did, they wouldn't care.

If you're paranoid, go ahead and buy a small bottle of something OTC, like Motrin or whatever, and put your dad's pills in there for transport.
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Anonymous · 2 months ago
The TSA DOES NOT CARE about your medications.

I have traveled for years with a half a dozen prescription medications. I put all the pills into two pill bottles - one for those I take in the morning and the other for the pills I take in the evening.


Do not try to hide them. The more they appear hidden, the more the TSA might begin to be interested.
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What make you think viagra is illegal? WHy are Americans frightened of so many things?
Anonymous · 2 months ago
I have taken hundreds of flights and never had any medications questioned.
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If you have 300 pills, you might be questioned. If you have a couple, you won't. I've carried Percocet, oxycodone, Xanax and valium on many flights. Never had a problem.
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TSA is only concerned with threats to the plane. They do not care one bit about the medication you have in your bag. Just pack them normally - do not try to hide them - and they won't give them a second glance. I regularly travel with my pills in a travel pill case and have never been questioned about them.

Medication can sometimes be an issue if you are entering another country - customs might have a question about them, particularly controlled substances. But for domestic travel, they are of no concern.
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Just keep your pills in your carry-on for submission through x-ray.

The TSA is only interested in threats to air transportation.
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