Will the government make government employees to continue to work without pay for weeks, possibly months without pay?

11 answers · 6 days ago
This is like forcing these employees to work until they are financially broke. Shouldn't they find other work so that won't happen?


Yes, get a loan.
Anonymous · 6 days ago
It's in thier contact
Anonymous · 2 days ago
They will get paid. Pay attention.
Anonymous · 3 days ago
No one is being forced to work without pay.

It is a > partial < shutdown.

The employees who were told to stay home will get paid for the days they didn't work.

You need a better source of information than MSNBC.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
They should go on strike until Trump decides to make it a paid holiday.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
Members of my family have spent their entire working careers in the Federal Government. Every time there's a government shutdown, they're furloughed and don't have to work, then afterwards they get paid just as if they had worked.

At least in and around DC, businesses and utilities understand that they will be paid, and wait for it without much problem.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
Until the wall has funding that is our plan. Pretty good motivator don't you think?
Anonymous · 5 days ago
they should find other work until Schumer gets his shittogether...
Anonymous · 5 days ago
It's like being a joo at Auschwitz
Anonymous · 6 days ago
I'll point something out.

Trump has always claimed he wanted to reduce the number of federal employees and cut their pay.

All his cronies are currently being paid. Those billionaire buddies of his still enjoy their perks and still fly first class.

Trump is purging the government, because they keep pointing out what he is doing is illegal.
Anonymous · 6 days ago
Everyone should have at least 3 months of emergency funds, so no responsible person should be out of money. Almost all will eventually get their full pay, even those that are on vacation. And they could quit, but I bet they won't, I would be happy to do so within my capabilities.
Anonymous · 6 days ago