Is there an easy way to keep jewelry safe at home?

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Yes. Don't parade wearing it. If word gets around you will get a visit from miscreants who will ask you to open your safe with persuasion. Even if you haven't got a safe they will beat sh*t out of you.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
It can be hidden. But, you have to make sure that someone else in the home does not throw away the 'secret' cornflakes box, or whatever.
Anonymous · 1 day ago
My mother kept hers in a hollowed out square hole under the carpet next to her bed.
Anonymous · 2 days ago
Yes. Don't have any
Anonymous · 3 days ago
Smith and Wesson home security.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
I could tell you, but then decided I wouldn't.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
You buy fake jewelry.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
Yes, put it in a safe
Anonymous · 6 days ago
A wall safe that is bolted to the house. Any other safe can be carried away.

I hide things in odd places that no one would consider looking in.

My money is in an envelope that is taped to the INSIDE of my bifold closet door. When the door opens, the cash is safely unseen between the two doors.

I have hidden jewelry inside a tampon box under my bathroom sink. I have sewn a pocket in my curtain that hangs below the window sill as a great hiding place.

Once I went on vacation and put my jewelry boxes in the dryer, covered with towels.

I have hidden valuables inside empty cereal boxes in my pantry or if it can be frozen, in containers in my freezer.

I have a box in a closet marked "Grandma's unfinished knitting projects" where I have hidden things.

When I assembled my dining room chairs, I noticed a void under the seats. I removed that black fabric and then stitched it with Velcro so I cold hide things in that seat.

I have some beat up tins that I have used for various hardware over the years. I have marked it with "hanging hardware". A great place to store things on my tool shelf in the basement.

I believe hiding things in plain sight.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
get a floor safe installed under the carpet.
Anonymous · 6 days ago
Not if you live in the ghetto
Anonymous · 6 days ago
buy a small safe at from the hardware and put them in the metal safe
Anonymous · 6 days ago