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24 yo virgin here. no girls ever come talks to me out of interest in me. but they all talk to all the other guys everywhere i go. am i not ever good enough? because i no i dont have some kind of deformity, retardation, dont stink, and im not even ugly.... but even ugly guys have girls on them, happens all the time. but what about me?


don't know
Anonymous · 2 months ago
what is your birthdate dear? astrology is interesting...DO NOT WORRY...THERE IS SOMEONE FOR EVERYONE...DO u have any Pisces friends that can help you to learn how to start conversations...? u can ask their favorite subj in school and where they work stuff like that...guys can approach women...keep trying.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Apparently you think you're some kind of pariah who is being mistreated. Maybe you aren't very good looking or put out some kind of negative vibe, I don't know. There is SOME reason you're being avoided. If you want girls to pay you attention you could quit waiting around and go talk to THEM.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Stop whining like a panzy. Try walking up and talk to THEM, instead. Duh!
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You need to get game, and also go to the gym to work out let's say I'll cut
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Sounds like YOU HAVE NO GAME.
I'm not handsome and I have friends that are. Girls always want to meet them and I get INTRODUCED. My handsome friends ARE BORING and HAVE NO GAME or Conversational Skills. When I meet girls thru them (at night clubs) I start with Compliments and ask them to Dance. I keep them smiling and active around me. They will Date my handsome friend, but get tired of them quickly.
I continue my contact with them AND YEARS LATER... they are still MY FRIENDS. They meet and date other guys, but alway come and greet me.
They introduce me to their BF, Husband or Dates.
They don t hide me from anyone and are always enthusiastic about me.

That is HAVING GAME. You need to get busy.

The key to Breaking the Ice with ANYONE,脗聽
is in the ability to make People Smile and Enjoy your company.脗聽

Always use Smiles, Humor and Compliments to approach people.脗聽
USE SMILES (to make them relax),脗聽
USE HUMOR (to make them Smile or Laugh),脗聽
USE COMPLIMENTS (to make them feel good about themselves脗聽
when they are around you)脗聽

Wouldn't you want to be around someone脗聽
that made you feel good about yourself?脗聽
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I'll give you one suggestion.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Girls dont like the poor pitiful me story like your doing now be more confident.

Here's a good covo starter
Send a girl a text saying "b46"
When she replys say "I'm sorry I thought this was a vending machine cause you look like a snack " then start introducing yourself ask how they are and see if they would like to go out sometime
Anonymous · 2 months ago
I have a theory, which might sound crazy, but please hear me out.

Maybe you are dead, and you are actually a ghost. Have you seen the sixth sense? The ghosts don't want to believe that they are dead. Maybe the girls can't see you because they do not have the sixth sense.

It is possible that you can communicate through yahoo answers because ghosts are thought to be made of electro magnetic energy
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Use a better deodorant
Anonymous · 2 months ago
That's the row you're gonna hoe until some Thai bar girl rocks your world. It happens all the time.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
It's simple, you're not standing out like those other guys. I don't mean that in a negative way, because I'm like that too. The difference between us is, When I'm interested in a woman, I make the first contact. Look, sitting in a public area, and staying quiet will get you overlooked all the time, you need to show that you're not stuck up- which is what a lot of people think when they see people like us- and you have a personality.
One more thing, if you get shot down, and you will, a lot, don't go flying off the hinges. Respect her response, say something like, "ok, have a nice day," or "sorry to bother you," in a polite, nonsarcastic way and move on.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Girls talk to me, but they don't talk to you. Well that's because I don't talk to them like how you are talking to everyone here.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Do you even wipe your @ss after you deuce?
Anonymous · 2 months ago
I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the feeling.
And Once, even asked a few guys who had a much more interesting social-life than mine if there was any pacific means that they may credit it for,,,
And their answers, at the time seemed as ridiculous as a stupid cliche,,,
"If you proposition a Hundred Women, there are fair odds that up to 99 of them are not going to be receptive, but statistically, One out of a Hundred will,,
Witch wasn't exactly encouraging since I was hardly born with a skin thick enough to handle that much damned Rejection!
But then,,in reality,, they actually had a frkn point,, since 1% is still a hell of allot better than Zero even if 100% of them aren't even worth the time it takes to talk to that many people!

In other words, the reason women never talk to you is because your not willing enough to risk rejection to even bother talking to any of Them!
And quietly hanging out on the edge of everybody's peripheral-vision like some kind-o-creepy geek doesn't exactly do anything to dispel the appearance.

Loosely translated, Your gonna have to get in some faces & actually risk letting somebody hear your voice while your lips are moving & make it look as easy as walking and chewing gum at the same time!
And if that means pretending to Not be as dumb as a fence-post then So Be-it considering many women's seeming penchant for actually being willing Argue with one!

That other cliche about "Being Yourself" is also pretty effective, and as easy as 'Keeping it Real' and not trying to make a frkn impression on anybody.
Women like to hear complements about their appearance but don't want any advice about it.
Avoid subjects you don't know anything about without first disqualifying yourself as knowing anything about it unless you just Like being told you don't know what your talking about by somebody Else who doesn't know anything about it Either!
And if ever 'That' happens most importantly, whatever you do, Never Argue unless you also like being mistaken for something as Dumb as a frkn Fence-Post!
Topics like Politics, Religion, the Weather, Fashion and Astrological Signs are only for people that actually ARE as dumb as a frkn Fence-post because regardless of how many people you encounter pretending to be experts one them, NOBODY really knows anything about any of THAT kind-o-Crap either!
And,, It's a really big mistake to snivel about not having had any any sex for a while even if it's true, and as to that thing about actually being a frkn 24 year old Virgin?
Ha! 'That's a card you'd be better advised to keep close to the vest & also avoid mentioning since it's likely to be mistaken for a pathetic attempt to seduce some airhead out of her panties by trolling for sympathies & insult somebody's intelligence even if it IS true,,,,
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Stop acting desperate. Girls hate that just as much as guys do.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Bruh, I used to have this same problem, I looked up why ugly guys have hot girlfriends, and apparently, they snatched the hot girls when they were young and insecure and the ugly guys make them feel better about themselves, that's just what I read, but, you can never trust what the internet says, kind of made sense though.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Its time to learn some dating skill.Try this:

1)Always start by looking for the women who are interested in you. They are the ones who look at you and they smile at you.Some might just stare at you.Those ones are your choices right from the start. It should always be mutual interest.

2)If a woman doesnt notice you it means she isnt interested in you.Sometimes,it means you arent their type.Move on.Dont approach them.You will get rejected. Always move on straight away or you'll miss out on others.

3)Smile back at those women who look at you and they smile at you and say "Hi" or "Hey".

4)Then go over and introduce yourself to her.Just say:"Hi,my name is.....,I just wanted to meet you".

5)Find out her name by asking her what her name is.

6)The best topic to talk to a woman is her.Start by getting to know her.You are trying to bring a new person into your life.Ask her questions about herself so you get to know all about her.Ask a lot of questions over 3 or 4 dates.It shows her you are interested in her. Find out about her sooner not later.And you find out if you are on the same page or arent compatible you move on sooner.

7)She should ask you questions about yourself so she can get to know all about you too.It shows she is interested in you too.

8)There are certain things you need to look for from the first moment you meet:
a)Her good qualities.
b)The compatibilities between you and her.Its about what you and a woman have in common.
c)Warning signs. The things you dont want to put up with.The deal breakers.Divorce courts are full of them.
d)You need to know what you want in the future,eg:marriage,family of your own,etc.There are some women who wont date a guy who doesnt know what they want in their future.

9)At some point you and a woman will find out if you and them are compatible/have a lot in common or not. If you do,continue seeing them.If not,call it a day and move on,start searching again.Have standards.Learn about someone sooner not later.You can move on quicker if things arent right.

Here are some books on how to date:

1)"Are You The One For Me?" By Barbara De Angelis.

2)"Cracking The Love Code". By Janet O'Neal.

3)"Toxic Friends:a practical guide to recognizing and dealing with an unhealthy friendship". By Loraine Smith-Hines.

4)"Date Or Soul Mate". By Neil Clark Warren.

5)"Falling In love for all the right reasons".
By Neil Clark Warren.

6)"A Man's Guide From Frog To Prince:a woman reveals dating secrets every man should know."
By Susan Young.
7)"Booby Trapped.Men Beware:The Dirty Seven Sisters". By June Marshall.

8)"Undercover Sex Signals." By Leil Lowndes.

9)"Dating for losers:for men only". By Anonymous.

10)"The Complete Idiots Guide To Handling A Break Up". By Rosanne Rosen.

Those books cover everything you need to know.They are still available new and second hand.
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