Is it okay to eat McChicken from McDonald's because of that lettuce recall?

8 answers · 1 week ago
today i was thinking of getting a MCchicken from Mcdonald's today but im not sure if its safe to eat it cause it has some lettuce?


The recall is just for romaine. McDonald's probably uses the much cheaper iceberg lettuce.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
Do u not think that they would stop serving anything with a recall?
Anonymous · 1 week ago
Its just an iceberg not Romain
Anonymous · 6 days ago
yes. It's not all lettuce.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
I agree with oikoo. Or you can order and ask them not to put the lettuce.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
McDonald's isn't stupid enough to serve contaminated lettuce that has been recalled.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
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