New canon 6d cannot access as card?

7 answers · 2 months ago
I just received my new canon 6d camera. When I put SD a card in, there is error saying "cannot access card".

The camera will not allow me to format the card, so I formatted it from my computer and still have the same issue when putting it in my camera.

I have done the same with 4 different SD cards now, so I don't think it is an issue with the card.

Any ideas to what I can do or what may be wrong??


Do you have a quality card and is it the correct type?
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Make sure the lock slide on the card is in the "unlock" position.

Otherwise, either return the camera to the place of purchase
or have any local photographer check it.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
"cannot access card" seems to be a common problem with Canon DSLRs, but the message itself just means there's a card problem. Unless you're using micro SD cards in an adapter it looks like the problem's with the camera itself.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
1) Where did you get the SD cards from? There are plenty of fakes out there that are unreliable.

2) Where was the camera bought from? Some less reputable (bricks & online) stores are not above selling returned stock as new and this may have been returned as not working.

I must say I've never seen that problem with a 600D, 6D or 7Dii over the years and for it to be with a new camera you have either got a batch of dodgy SD cards or the camera itself is faulty and you need to get it back to the seller.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
First, you must never use a computer to format an SD card that is going to be used in any device other than that specific computer. Why? Because the fie system written to the card is not going to be compatible with the operating system or firmware that is used by digital cameras.

You have a problem with your new Canon 6D and you should return it for a new, working, model. If you can't, then the 6D must be sent to an authorized Canon service center for repairs. Expect repair costs to be north of $10 dollars.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Buy a new SDXC card from a reputable store. Format in the computer*. Install in the camera. If the camera recognizes it, good. If not, it's a faulty camera, bring to an Authorized Canon Service Center. Good luck with that.

*Format is standard. When doing it in the computer, just make sure you format SD to FAT, SDHC to FAT32, and SDXC to exFAT, although all that should happen automatically anyway. If the camera needs certain folders on the card to operate, it simply creates them when it detects they're missing.
Anonymous · 2 months ago
Did you insert the card the right way up? The card has metallic contacts. The slot for the card has only one way of connecting your card via the metal contacts.
Anonymous · 2 months ago