What is the process of things I need to do to get a car I bought moved into my name and street legal?

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I have the title and bill of sale but I moved from Texas to Oregon. The car has a texas title. I need license plates and to move it to my name and do I need insurance before I can do any of this?


Yes, you must have proof of insurance.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
Hello, sounds like this was a private owner sell because typically the dealership takes care of the title work and then all you have to do is the registration which does include insurance information. Hard to say without seeing the paperwork.

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That would be a question to ask of the DMV in the state where you are now a resident.

Good luck.
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The most important thing right now is having the title put into your name, since if not, then at some point might lose the title.

After you transfer the title into your name at the DMV, then at that time you would register the car (plates), but to do this, then need to have car insurance 1st. You can buy insurance, since it will ask for the VIN#, make/model/car and year. Then can get either online proof of insurance or if by an agent, they will give you a binder stating that you have insurance.

My "guess" is that even though did not title in TX, that you can still do this in OR, where you now live, then do everything there, which includes a drivers license for OR.
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You need insurance first, then switch title to OR, then register and plate the car.
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You needed to have insurance for the vehicle kick in on the date which you took possession of the vehicle, Gina. Without it you are not driving legally.

Insure the vehicle, take proof you have and your signed over Texas title to the Oregon DMV for title transfer and vehicle registration. That's it!
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Go to the local DMV office and they will tell you everything that you will need to do.
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So, you've never heard of Google huh? Didn't think of finding the Oregon DMV website?


Here is everything you need to know lazybones: https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/docs/tro...

I hope you got the bill of sale notarized.
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You need insurance the second you own the car. You should have it already. You take the Texas title, bill of sale, proof of insurance, your current Texas drivers license, proof of Oregon residence such as a couple of utility bills with your name on them and the address where you are living and some way to pay and go down to the DMV or where you go in Oregon to get license and registration. If that is not enough stuff, they will tell you what else you need. You will need to change your drivers license too so be ready to do that.
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Go to an Oregon DMV and ask.
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Take all paperwork to Oregon DMV, bring couple $100.00 bills and ask counter clerk. Get ride in some other car, leave Texas Title car off street. bring 6 pack of Root Beer for inspector, whimper and ask , might get out in 1 to 2 hour with license plates, new title and Oregon temp license with new license with picture in process to be mailed in week. .
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