What do you think of the name Julissa for a girl?

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Anonymous · 1 day ago
great name
it not the typicals
Anonymous · 6 days ago
Sounds made up.
Anonymous · 3 days ago
Dreadful. Couldn't decide between Julie and Melissa so you fabricated Julissa. I'm starting to like Julia and Melissa more and more now, after hearing Julissa. I hope you can do better, for the child's sake.
Anonymous · 4 days ago
I like it and it is very uncommon.

I like common name too,but love uncommon names.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
If it's pronounced yu-lissa then I really like it! No one in my country (Australia) would say it like that though; it would get mispronounced a lot.
Anonymous · 6 days ago
Its alright. I had a classmate with that name.
Anonymous · 5 days ago
It is a nice name.
Anonymous · 6 days ago
Not keen sorry
Anonymous · 1 week ago
It's okay.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
Julissa...I like it.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
It's different but not awful. I like it. It's cute.
Anonymous · 1 week ago
It's pretty, but also slightly weird. I'm not sure how to properly describe it. Ultimately, it leaves me with a feeling of confusion.
Anonymous · 1 week ago