I put honey on my dog s scabies to treat it but she keeps licking it. What can I do to keep her from doing so?

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So lately I ve been noticing that the small, scaly patch on her foot keeps getting worse. I didn t pay much attention to it thinking it was just a scratch that she got when she was still at my cousin s. Now I m afraid if I don t do something, it will get even worse.

I was looking for a home remedy as a temporary solution to this before I go to the vet and found out honey can help heal the skin, so that s what I ve been doing. But every single time I apply it topically, she licks it right away. I was thinking if I could apply the honey and wrap it with a bandage only for a few minutes (or something else that wouldn t absorb the honey), but I wasn t sure if that would work out well.

Any suggestions would help. Thank you :)


You will need to put an e-collar on the dog (cone collar). Then, whatever you put on there will stay. It is assumed you don't really know what is wrong, so why don't you try simple antibiotic ointment?

You could also cleanse the area with gentle, soapy water. DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide, because that has been found to actually damage tissue. In hospitals they sometimes cleanse wounds with a mix of water and a bit of iodine in it.

Sometimes dogs chew on their paws when they have a yeast infection. You also might notice reddish dots or splotches on the belly. In that case look up "yeast infection in dogs". Treatment usually utilizes sulfur shampoos, but better to consult with the vet.
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Cone of shame if you must.
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Honey has antibacterial properties, but it's useless on scabies. Scabies are mites that burrow under the skin, thrive, lay eggs, mate, and travel around. Before modern medicine, they were impossible to get rid of.
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Unless you can rig a NO BITE collar or wrap the foot WELL ENOUGH, it is best to leave it ALONE. Honey is not going to help; only make the dog pay MORE attention to it. You are NOT A VET! Please STOP trying to "play" one. You can easily make the problem WORSE; not better.

Honey will not help scabies AT ALL - "IF" that is what the dog has. (And since you are NOT a vet, and do not indicate you ever GOT an actual diagnosis) we don't know - if you are right.
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You have no clue what it is and until you do you can't 'treat' it with anything home remedies or commercial so you need to take the dog to the vets and find out exactly what it is and discuss with the vet what it can be treated with
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Well firstly dogs do not get scabies just as Humans do not get mange. So if I were you i`d take the dog to a vet to get a viable diagnosis before you even think about trying to treat it....
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There is no home remedy because you do not know what you are treating. And honey is useless - while honey does have some antibacterial properties, most of the junk we buy is really adulterated sugar water from China, and not real honey - you would need raw honey for that. But course the dog licks the honey/sugar off - it is sweet and tasty. Wash the area well with plain old soap and water and leave it to air dry. Call the vet first thing tomorrow morning, and get her in and diagnosed, and then the vet will suggest a cure for whatever it is.
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''before I go to the vet'' SO... you are actually looking for free advice because you can't be bothered actually GOING to a vet? People on here are ALWAYS going to the vet ''tomorrow''
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First off dogs don't get scabirs, most likely a hot spot or maybe a growth there over irritated, or cancer is another possibility. Home remidies for what looks likeor could possibly brims a fest easy to run up the vet bill by either missing a foreign object or instead of a bacterial infection it's a viral infection. Might as well say it's chicken pox, or herpies simples...l why not sn h.i.v. sore.... could be a number of things and unless it's something simple like a scrape from running or tripping honey isn't going to do anything for the spot.

If you do decide your dogs life is worth saving and you decide to spend that herd earned money on a vet so your dog doesn't have to suffer with whatever it is, possibly making her sick all over might as well get all shots, deworming and everything else checked out at the some time. Sometimes you can get the dogs shots done a few months early and get any"more others problems and concerns taken care of so you don't have to guess at or try and play doctor vet at home.

My neighbors dog had 'pimples' beteeen her toes so she decided to treat them with over the counter human products. About 4 months into treatment the dog developed a limp so she started wrapping the feet. When she brought the dog in for her shots she pointed out the 'zits' to the vet and complained they bled and were annoying and not going sexy with sll the products she had been using. The vet took a close look at them and said, it's not acne, it's cancer. They did an X-ray and found it had spread up her leg and into the shoulder end other bones in the area. She was mad at the vet because he couldn't give any save or cream to fix them nor willing to do surgery. He said if she had brought the dog in when it first started he could have done a simple toe amputation before it spread to her whole body, now it was systemic. The X-rays showed it affected the majority of her body and dean spreading to her organs.

It's your dog and your money but if you don't want her to suffer I suggest that she be seen by a vet rather than try and guess and whip up some recipe that does not work. It would be one thing if she had a reoccurring something that repeated iteelf'over and over agein and a vet had diagnosed it in the past and given you medication to suthe re it, it's totally another to treat a dog by guessing or what looks like this or that, drawing out the illness and making the dog suffer. Your dog cannot simply jump on a bus or in a car and drive herself to help. You are her guardian and your stewardship should be caring for her not trying to save the most money. It's. it that you don't care since your trying to diagnose it and home treat it. You might want to pick a book up of common dog first aid.
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Honey wont kill mites. You need a VET
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Why honey? That does nothing to the mite that causes the mange. You don't even know that it is mange. I think you are just guessing. In order for a Vet to diagnose mange, he does a skin scraping & puts that under a microscope to see if there are any mites.

You do not know that is mange. There are so so so so many skin problems in dogs, it takes a Vet to diagnose them.

Here are some images of some of the skin problems in dogs.

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