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Why does McDonald's give me diarrhea?"?

why? after 1 hour, big, extrem diarrhea ... show more
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Should Taco Bell serve sushi tacos?

Sushi tacos at Taco Bell? Sound good?
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Is McDonald's bad for you?

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Has anyone ever been to Long John Silver's?

If yes what did you think of it?
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Why do customers have to pay twice at fine restaurants, but not fast food placwsy?

And why do you get to eat your food and then pay
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Is it okay to eat McChicken from McDonald's because of that lettuce recall?

today i was thinking of getting a MCchicken from Mcdonald's today but im not sure if its safe to eat it cause it has some lettuce?
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Now that it's thanksgiving day, is McDonald's open or no?

I want to go to McDonald's, is it open or no?
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Burgers 冒聼聧聰 and French fries 冒聼聧聼 are the result of cultural influence by German and French migrants in North America. True or false?

Are French fries a traditional recipe by the French immigrants in North America?
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Why is Burger King still in business?

they are terrible. they gave me a kids fry with Whopper combo. wtf
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Pizza Hut gave me a cold and burnt pizza?

It's sad honestly. Every time I order from this Pizza Hut they give me a flat cold pizza but this time it was burnt. I'm tired of giving them the benefit of the doubt and wasting my money mind you it ... show more
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See details --- Did I get chicken nuggets or was it something else?

Earlier I went to Burger King and bought two of the 10-piece nuggets for a $1 each. As I'm eating away I notice the package says "Crispy Golden Nuggets" and there's a picture of wh ... show more
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