Whats more popular for gaming, consoles or gaming PC?

What gaming platform is more common, Pc or console?
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Can my friend add a 4 gb ram on his pc which already has 2 gb ram? Note that his pc s max memory size is only 4gb?

Ok My friend lives in a third world country and he has the shittiest pc in the whole world. He is pretty poor as well. He does nt know **** about pc s and i m too much of a chad to play videogames.So ... show more
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Best PC games?

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Does it have coop on PC?

Can I play this game in local coop with joystick or not? They say you need some kind of patch or something, but then I came across another thread where it said they fixed Coop on PC. Have anyone playe ... show more
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Need help with pc speakers for better headphone sound quality..?

I always use my headphones on my PC, but the sound isn't good. So I bought some decent speakers which sound good, but when I plug my headphones into them it's the same as if I plugged them i ... show more
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One handed controller for PC?

So I wanna know if there is a onehanded controller I can use on PC for gaming but I just want to use it for the movement aspect of the game, like I can aim with the mouse but I wanna be able to move w ... show more
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How good is this PC build (value for money) in your opinion?

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x9ylpZXUTymNsSDzxmYGV2R4mjReg49-UO42xS07Ht0 This is a pc build I've been compiling with a budget of around $200, it's turned out rather well in my opinion and sh ... show more
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How can I transfer my PC Steam games to Xbox One?

Please tell me before buying it.
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How to remove virus from pc?

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Can I use my PC with side wall open?

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Can I still run this game?

I really want to play Counter Strike Source. I have a crappy PC that meets all requirements to run the game, except the VRAM required is 62MB while mine is one 32MB. Can i still run it?
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How do I fix the time on my pc?

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