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Can wiping a smartphone with wet tissue and pressing the home button cause an electric shock?

I was wiping my smartphone using wet wipes mixed with water. While wiping, I pressed the wet wipe against the home button which pressed the button. This made me worried/paranoid that this caused an el ... show more
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What iPhone should I upgrade to?

I'm updating my iPhone 7 this week because the battery life is horrendous and cannot decide what iPhone to upgrade to. It will be a 2 year plan so I'm not sure if it is a bad idea to go with ... show more
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Buying a phone that is iCloud locked?

I recently found a phone and they claim everything works great though when you turn it on it says "iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes". Is it possible to get it working again? Would you ha ... show more
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"Unlocked iPhone 7"?

HELP. I bought an iPhone that is supposedly unlocked but my numerous attempts at inserting multiple SIM cards have failed. Background: I bought it off someone who said they've used it in the US and Ja ... show more
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How to unlock an iPhone that's been reported as lost?

I found my old iPhone the other day but because I reported it as lost I can't unlock it. I called Apple to ask if they can unlock it if I provide them proof of purchase but they said there's nothing t ... show more
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