Dropped Nikon D5600 Camera. Intact and everything is working except for the flash. What to fix it?

When I press the shutter button half way down to focus, my camera makes a weird click sound when the flash is up. The shutter will bring the flash up, but the flash won't flash.
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Does my film camera actually work if the screen is at 0 but there's a shutter?

so i picked up an old camera and i've taken 3 pictures so far but the screen stays at 0 doesn't tell me how much film i have left or anything but there is a shutter when i take a picture so i'm not su ... show more
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Can I restore files from s formatted memory card that's been used?

Hi - so basically. I went on vacation. I thought I transferred the files to my desktop when I got back, but turns out I hadn't. I had gone forward and formatted the memory card ONCE and began to ... show more
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Help why are cameras pictures?

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Video help? recording in 4k?

I recently started filming vlogs with my new 4k camera and i realize when i watch them on my laptop i guess you can say i look more rough? but then i watch the same video on my phone and that &quo ... show more
6 answers · Cameras · 2 weeks ago

How can I view the pictures I took on my Atipix LS300 Minicam Digital Camera?

I tried connecting it to my computer via USB and while it recognised it and began charging it, I can't access the pictures as it doesn't show as a drive. I suspected that I may have to downl ... show more
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Broken Camera, can it be repaired?

during new years celebration my father explained me the mastaerbetin. i played rugby with my camera. it is a broken now must fix. uncle's camera not mine. help fix brokencmera.
10 answers · Cameras · 3 weeks ago

What's a good upgrade from the cannon rebel t6i?

I've been looking to upgrade from my current camera the camera rebel t6i, as much as I love the camera I'm just ready for an upgrade to something else. I just enjoy shooting photos for fun, I was look ... show more
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What lenses to pair with a canon 80d for Sports (hockey mainly), vlogging, and videography?

I am new to photography and have a high budget to work with and am gonna be vlogging, shooting sports, and doing some videography. I am not sure which lenses to buy that would be great and produce nic ... show more
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How do you get a phantom camera?

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Pictures lost original size and resolution.?

Hi. I moved my pictures from internal memory to sd card but the files lost their original resolution and picture quality. Is there anyway to fix it? Also some of the files got corrupted. ... show more
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