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Is Dell a good laptop?

I really need a laptop but I don't know which fits the best for a college student. I was wondering if Dell is a good brand. I want a computer that can do much more than just writing papers on. If th ... show more
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Both my shift keys aren t working?

i started using my brand new hp spectre when i came to college, and a few weeks in, both of the shift keys stopped working after i open it from sleep mode. they work sometimes after 5 seconds, sometim ... show more
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Bought a refurbished ipad which is A grade with "little to no scuffs" what do i do the whole back is ******!?

I ordered it and somehow that "little to no scuffs" on the description was bull. There are deep scratches that go across the back of the ipad and deep ones aswell. I dont know what to do. Its one of t ... show more
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Will a broken laptop hinge affect the display?

greetings, i have spoiled my laptop hinge by pulling one side of the screen down to close it and seemed to have dislodged it due to swinging it down with a great force. will this affect my display? i ... show more
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How fast is my laptop ?

It says " AMD A12-9720P Quad core processor " im not sure how fqst is this because it doesnt say i3 , i5, or i7 intel
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Should I reset my Laptop?

My laptop has a hard drive error, and I ve tried everything I can think of to fix it. Should I give up and reset?
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How to fix my laptop?

I cant afford a new computer, my mother promised me one for my birthday. I have this big brick of a laptop, a Dell. The bottom left top corner is drooping, and my charging port has pushed back i ... show more
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How do headphones without wires work?

I saw a guy listening to music on a thinkpad laptop and his headphones had no wires how did they work?
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Why does my Laptop get so hot?

It only gets really hot on the bottom right side of it when I'm running several programs at once like Streaming a video & recording it. Keep in mind it is almost 5 years old. It is a Toshiba ... show more
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How do I stop worrying about my laptop being damaged in the post?

My family has bought me a laptop for Christmas and it's been delivered to my Nan's and haven't had an opportunity to check it yet but I'm supposed to be enjoying the excitement abo ... show more
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I ordered a laptop from AO and it was just delivered but now I'm worried that it might have been damaged?

Do you have any advice? What if it was damaged during delivery but the damage is internal and it can't be seen and isn't detectable until long after I'm able to return it?
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Why is my storage so low?

My laptop (a HP) has 30 gigabytes of storage in total and I only have 2 gigabytes free, yet I've only downloaded two things on it that equal 1 gigabyte when combined. Is there anything I can do t ... show more
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Recommend a good laptop on a budget?

What specs should I look for I only use laptop for watching movies and occasional work related work other than that nothing. Any recommendations. Thanks ... show more
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