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Realtek audio crackling noise?

Out of nowhere my audio started crackling but only when is on like 90 to 100 volume. It crackles with the base. ive tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them but it didnt work.
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My laptop crushed?

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What is the difference between input and output in terms of audio, on a laptop/computer?

for example, headphones and speakers...are they considered input or output?
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Best laptop for college?

I have a low budget but I need a new laptop for college. Definitely nothing over $500, preferable nothing over $250. Basically, I need it to be: -lightweight (for portability) -long battery life ... show more
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Difference between HDD and SSD storage - laptops.?

I currently use a laptop with a 1TB SATA HDD, and have been noticing lots of speed defects with the laptop, along with a couple other issues that have led me to decide to go purchase a new laptop. ... show more
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What kind of hardware do I need to read an extracted laptop hard drive?

Hi! I'm comparatively technology illiterate :) I have an old laptop with a broken screen that i'd like to get some files off of- of course with a broken screen I can't transfer to an e ... show more
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How to dispose of an old, no longer working laptop? And how to delete data if needed?

Hi, so I have an old laptop (about 7 years old) that finally gave up about a month ago. Unfortunately I have somehow lost or thrown away the charger lead, and the laptop won t turn on at all because ... show more
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Why does Apple always invent things first?

iPhones were the first phone to have facial unlock, first to have wireless charging, first to have a notch, etc. MacBooks were the first laptop to have long battery life, Touch ID, and Retina display ... show more
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My not so close friend is asking for my laptop. How do I deny ?

She told me that she wants to use it for a seminar. I just don't wanna give my laptop. So can you give me some excuses. I told her that it's personalised and I don't want to change t ... show more
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Need help with chromebook sound!?

I need to hold my mute button on my headphone to not get earrape sound on my Chromebook? I didn't have this problem from the beginning but now I have it and it seems like I am the only person wi ... show more
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Laptop instability issues. (Not a virus)?

It was a refurb I bought 2 years ago from Newegg. Little did i know the seller was a 3rd party. The computer has had the same problem since the day I bought it. I returned it 6-7 times and the same pr ... show more
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