Do you still run WindowsXP?

if so what AMD motherboard are you using? I need a motherboard that I can run XP that is not so old.
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Is it the ram or the hard drive that stores all the memory?

such as images/downloads/music/internet searches as i have been told mine needs replacing I have been told to wipe my memory as i believe i have downloaded some games recently and now my computer isn& ... show more
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Computer isnt working?

I tried everything, but it isnt working, i even caled my husband to help me, but he is such a idiot and did not help me at all!
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Is a 120GB SSD big enough?

for a Windows 8.1 install with all the updates and a few programs?
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System says I have 4 GB of RAM installed but only 2.5 GB is available, why?

I bought a 2GB stick of ddr2 to install in my desktop a couple of weeks ago which upgraded the pc from 2 to 4GB of RAM. When I check the system information, it says 4GB is installed but only 2.5GB is ... show more
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Is it possible to use the same hard drive with no problems?

I plan on upgrading my PC by switching the motherboard, the cpu, and the ram, while keeping the same graphics card and hard drive. I'm wondering if it would be possible to unplug the hard drive, ... show more
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Install a newCD drive?

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Do I record to HDD or SSD?

I record gaming videos on obs and I edit on Vegas 14. I bought an ssd and will use it as a boot drive and put my programs on it. Whenever I record should I record to my HDD or my SSD? I heard you shou ... show more
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Tried upgrading PC and now wont power on?

I was having issues with some parts on my setup so I got some new parts, a new CPU (same specs as I got before) some new RAM and a new graphics card. I also got a new power connection for it to handle ... show more
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Built a new computer, should i update drivers? will it mess anything up?

Computer runs fine but should i install the newest motherboard/ graphics card/ processor drivers anyways? I dont want to mess my computer up by installing new drivers and it not work anymore. is that ... show more
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Should I get a new Mac?

I got a 2012 Mac Mini 6 years ago and I use it mostly for writing, Internet, email, basic games, photos, entertainment and other basic tasks. This computer still runs great. The screen is a bit olde ... show more
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Reboot or select proper boot device?

I have recently bought an SSD with the intent to store my OS on there for faster use. When migrating the OS everything was fine and I left it to do its thing. upon trying to start up it kept starting ... show more
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Can computer problems show up later with liquid damage to motherboard?

About a year and a half ago, as I mentioned in other Yahoo Answer questions I posted, there was an accidental spillage of liquid, majority of it got in the RAM chips. I've since replaced the R ... show more
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