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Realtek audio crackling noise?

Out of nowhere my audio started crackling but only when is on like 90 to 100 volume. It crackles with the base. ive tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them but it didnt work.
0 answer · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 months ago

Does it mean that once you got on some porn site either on intention or accidentally that you PC is hopelessly infected.?

It slow down immediately after I formatted everything and istalled avp
0 answer · Software · 2 months ago

Is McAfee a good anti-virus software?

I get pop ups all the time from HP about them recommending McAfee.
0 answer · Security · 2 months ago

Do you still run WindowsXP?

if so what AMD motherboard are you using? I need a motherboard that I can run XP that is not so old.
0 answer · Desktops · 2 months ago

I have a problem?

I have this problem that will not let me install anything, I can down load but when I go to install I get the window where I should have the choice of yes or no it only has no. I can go to the show ... show more
0 answer · Software · 2 months ago

Recover unsaved Word 2007 doc?

I had a Word doc I'd been working on yestdersay and today. I let someone read the document and afterwards I went to close it. I thought I had already saved the doc but I hadn't. The notification poppe ... show more
6 answers · Software · 2 months ago

Is it the ram or the hard drive that stores all the memory?

such as images/downloads/music/internet searches as i have been told mine needs replacing I have been told to wipe my memory as i believe i have downloaded some games recently and now my computer isn& ... show more
10 answers · Desktops · 2 months ago

My laptop crushed?

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Is it still possible to listen to radio stations world wide on the internet?

that used to be my hobby online, listening to oldie radio stations worldwide playing 60's and 70's hits, im from the uk and i used to listen to stations in the u.s, canada, australia and eur ... show more
12 answers · Other - Internet · 2 months ago

Was this a mean thing to say on Facebook?

"You are on free or reduced lunch but you have that IPhone XR, how though?" "If you have the IPhone XR than you don't need welfare, food stamps, Obamacare, or even pell grant."
8 answers · Facebook · 2 months ago