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Rear ended car.?

Rear ended car. Car to the right was stopped behind a bus he suddenly pulled out and cut the driver in front of me, he swerved and slammed on his brakes hard and I hit him am I completely at fault I c ... show more
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What happens if you don't have the $1000 deductible for the car collision for your insurance?

let say you got in to an accident and it's your fault and your deductible is $1k, no one has $1k laying around. so does my insurance not fix my car until i have the $1k??
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Who's at fault for this accident on the street?

I was moving and driving a uhaul at night in the rain. I latched it and took off down the road. A lady pulled up to the side of me at a light and said my back was open. I immediately pulled over. ... show more
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Minor car accident?

I was reversing and bumped into a parked car, we exchanged details at the scene, I had passengers she did not, no injuries, on the whim I said I wished to settle out of insurance as I have 3 years no ... show more
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What can I do when paints and bodywork done poorly but not shown till 15 years later?

Car was brand new then got into accident. It was big serious damages but insurance don't want to totalled the car because it's brand new which can do repairs on body works. However 10 yea ... show more
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What happens if I drive my car insured under my mom's name and got into an accident.?

Will the insurance companies refuse to cover the damage because I was never on the policy. Will my mom get sued even if the accident is my fault or not. I don't know how this works. Thanks
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Okay so I wrecked my vehicle. Few weeks ago. Just got the police report says that the other party was parked illeagly on the roadway.?

Their insurance is refusing to pay anything. I have liability so my insurance won t either. Even though it says they are illeagly parked. The garage that the vehicle is currently sitting is at 1700$ 5 ... show more
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Uninsured driver hit me, what can I do?

I was in a pedestrian accident a few months ago. I hired a lawyer to open a claim on the insurance company immediately. A few months in and I find out they don't actually have insurance (it wasnt in e ... show more
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Can I get an old/existing dent fixed on my car as part of a new accident insurance claim, or will I have to file a separate claim?

Obviously I don t want to be flagged for insurance fraud, but I m just wondering if there is a grey area for this type of issue.
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What happens if my friend crashes my car while i teach her how to drive?

We're both adults and she has her learners permit she can't afford any driving classes so I offered to teach her with my car. What happens if she crashes the car or if she gets stopped by the polic ... show more
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Is it ok with the insurance company to drive my car with a licensed, 21+ passenger if I only have a permit?

I am 25 and am learning to drive. The car is in my name and I have car insurance through my parents plan for at least another year. Is it ok for me to learn to drive with a friend that is over 21 that ... show more
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