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What kind of car can i afford if i make about $10k a year and a college student?

I want something reliable but also something that handles nicely and gets fairly good gas mileage. What kind of car would you recommend?
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Paid $75.00 to mechanic. What to expect for inspection of a used car I bought?

I didn't feel like he did much. He just looked under the hood & told me to change filters & coolant liquid
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How much does maintenance cost on your bmw?

I see alot of used bmw 3 series on Craigslist for under $10k. How much would it cost more to maintain then something like a toyota corolla or honda civic?
20 answers · Buying & Selling · 6 days ago

I dont like this car what can i trade it for?

My dad gave me his old 2005 ford escape. But i dont really like the way it drives. I want something more fun to drive. Is there anything i can trade it for that would be better?
20 answers · Buying & Selling · 6 days ago

Why is everyone in america buying trucks and suvs?

It seems small cars are dying. And i heard ford and chevy is getting rid of there small cars. But why are most people buy overpriced suvs and trucks if you can get a small hatchback or sedan much chea ... show more
20 answers · Buying & Selling · 6 days ago

Is this a good price for this car?

My friend and I are debating as to whether this is a good price, he's trying to get a new car and replace his 2002 Camry. For this car he said the salesman is offering to sell it for 16.5k total ... show more
10 answers · Buying & Selling · 1 week ago

I found a car that I really want but it costs $7,192 (internet price). I called the place that was selling the car and the man told me that?

I would have to pay ten percent down since I don't have a credit score. But will I be able to purchase the car if I don't have an ID or permit? And should I take out a car loan to pay the down payment ... show more
8 answers · Buying & Selling · 1 week ago

Why do luxury cars lose there value so much?

I have been looking thru Craigslist and i found that you can get a 2-3 year old bmw of Mercedes for under $20k. But there msrp was over $40k?
10 answers · Buying & Selling · 1 week ago

How do I know if my car value has dropped and how much it has dropped?

I bought a new car on June this year, and 2 weeks ago, an incident happened and the car was damaged pretty bad. The car has been fixed and now it looks like new. The incident is not my fault, and I be ... show more
7 answers · Buying & Selling · 1 week ago

Roughly how much could I get from selling my hybrid car with a dead hybrid battery?

I have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid with about 175k miles. I'm the second owner and there is nothing else wrong with it besides the dead hybrid battery. The battery is very expensive to replace and it's ... show more
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