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Is a passport required to visit Hawaii?

I know its a state but it's also a long way over the ocean so would a person from one of the continuous states like Texas for example need a passport?
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Why are people telling me Florida is a bad place to move? What's bad about Florida?

I live in california but am moving to Florida for work. People are telling me that it's a bad place to live in. What's bad about flroida?
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Should I move to California ? 冒聼聬禄冒聼聨楼冒聼聧驴?

I'm a southern from Florida 冒聼聧聤冒聼聦麓 after living there my entire life I decided I wanted to venture out, so after much thought 冒聼聮颅 I moved to Georgia 冒聼聧聭冒聼聭篓冒聼聫录芒聙聧冒聼聦 ... show more
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Is late November a bad time to travel cross country by car?

I currently live in Virginia and want to move to Seattle to participate in a Data Science Bootcamp with either Galvinize U or General Assembly. I can't stand my current job nor the drama and bs I ... show more
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Im moving across country. Any tips?

I am a 19 yr old female and for the record Im 4'11" so Im pretty small. Next year I will be moving from California to New York alone and I will have family there so Im set in that sense. However I wou ... show more
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Are there adult only areas at Disneyworld/ land?

Are there any exclusively adult only areas at Disney world or land? Or any adult only times to go? I want to go but I don't want to be surrounded by kids, please don't answer if you have nothing to sa ... show more
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When will people learn that a good coat,good gloves, and good boots are absolutely essential items when coming to Alaska during the winter?

People come up here to check stuff out and freeze their asses off cause they don't come prepared.
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Are greyhound buses that cheap? or am i reading it wrong?

So I'm in Florida and was messing around with prices of transporation, like with uber etc. So I didnt even know what greyhound was until now, and I found their site, read a bit about them, and no ... show more
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