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Why airplane seats aren't designed to be more comfortable for long flights?

Who dafuq thinks it's easy to sit in upright position for 10+ hours? And why is there no gap between seats in the same row? Or enough legroom? Airlines are more focused on entertainment, but I pr ... show more
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Is a 2 hour connection at an airport enough time?

I'm traveling from Seattle to Charleston SC with a connection at Chicago O'Hare. The connection time is 2 hours. Should I make it 3 hours?
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Will I have time to make my flight?

In May I will be traveling outside of the country and have one connection in Atlanta. I'll arrive to Atlanta at 9:05am(presumably) and my flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republican leaves at 9:49am ... show more
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Can a 14 year old fly on a plane "alone" with an escort service?

I'm 14 and am looking to fly on an airplane to visit my brother. The air hostess would look after me an hour before the flight and help me board, then, when the flight is over she'll take me to my bro ... show more
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Can someone edit this complaint email for me please ?

I would like to make a formal complaint towards one of the aviation staff members at transfer transit who was working at around 6:03AM this morning on 9th of January who was putting out the tray throu ... show more
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Why are crying infants allowed on planes?

I love flying but I absolutely HATE when I have to be seated near someone with their infant who won't shut up. The worst part is the parent does nothing at all to soothe the kid! Read him/her a s ... show more
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If someone buys a one-way ticket, does that mean they are moving?

Are one-way plane tickets only for people who are moving to that location or are they bought by vacationers as well? I never really got the point of buying a one-way ticket unless you are moving to th ... show more
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How does an international layover at ATL airport work?

This is my first time having a layover on my way back from an international vacation. We are flying Aruba to ATL with a 1 hour 14 minute layover then ATL to MSP. How does this process work? We go thro ... show more
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I'm flying internationally for the first time and am in need of travel tips/advice!?

I'm mostly looking for advice or tips or any knowledge on the airports/flight part of things. I've never been on a plane before. How does checked baggage works, just like the system/routi ... show more
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Can a phone without a back be allowed through airport security?

Will my phone without a back cover (everything on the back is visible) be allowed through airport security on too my plane??
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Do foreign airports flying to the US have to follow TSA rules for flights going to the US?

I was flying from Amman, Jordan to Chicago, USA and when I was going through security I was told to keep my laptop and liquids in my bag. Keep my shoes, wallet, phone and watch on person as I went thr ... show more
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Airport security questions....?

I'm going travelling tomorrow and the most nervous passenger ever! I have a few questions about airport security. 1) I came on my period yesterday and i wear a menstural cup, will the scanners p ... show more
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Is it legal to have proper sex on a plane during flight?

im traveling soon on a long flight and was curious if i can get air head or bathroom sex
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