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Can I get sdenifil (non-prescription) Viagra tablets past TSA if I put them in my regular pill bottle?

I am going to go see a girl in February or March. The last woman I was with I had a hard time keeping an erection due to performance anxiety. My father has offered to give me some sdenifil (generic Vi ... show more
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Do airplanes provide free wifi?

12 answers · Air Travel · 1 week ago

Are airlines or passengers (typically) responsible for layover accommodations?

I have a 15 hour overnight layover. I have intentions on leaving the airport regardless, but I'm curious if it can be at the airlines expense.
18 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

Am I too fat to fly economy?

My pant size is 40 waist.
13 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

Are drinks free on airplanes?

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Could I wear all this on an airplane to avoid checked baggage fees?

I'm going on a ski trip this holiday and I don't want to pay the ridiculous checked baggage fee. Could I theoretically wear all these layers onto the plane? And put the rest of my stuff (toi ... show more
10 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

Is it possible to take an extra cellphone on a plane and through the airport without my parents noticing?

My parents took away my cellphone and I have an extra one my friends gave me, which I want to take on vacation but I'm worried it will get revealed through the process.
12 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

Can you bring shampoo body wash and liquid medicine in your suitcase on a plane?

Going from Ottawa to Las Vegas, can I pack my liquid medicine that I need, my shampoo and body wash in my suitcase? Not in my carry on bag.
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What do you do on a Lufthansa flight for over eight hours?

From Chicago, US to Frankfurt, Germany.
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Do Cabin Crew mind if guests ask for photos? :)?

My friend and I are planning a year of travel from Australia within the next few years (Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland, South America & South Africa) and I was wondering if Cabin crew mind being ... show more
13 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

Can you bring candy on a plane?

I'm traveling from Ottawa to Vegas and I want to order candy from candyfunhouse and bring some to snack on while I'm flying. Can I bring it on my carry on or do they not allow outside food?
16 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

Can you walk outside the airport while waiting for connecting flight?

I m going from Ottawa to vegas but we stop in Toronto for just over 2 hours. Can I leave the airport to see someone i know in Toronto while I wait? Or do i have to stay in a certain area?
15 answers · Air Travel · 2 weeks ago

I bought a nonrefundable ticket and couldn't fly because of a panic attack that happened at the airport. Can I still get credit/money back?

I was told they would charge me $200 to change each ticket--which is about how much the tickets cost me. Which is preposterous. Other airlines charge $20-$40 to do this in many cases.
15 answers · Air Travel · 3 weeks ago