Why is the lady with the broken hand so pleased with a letter from Prince Philip?

She picked it up and read it using the good hand. Why didn't Philip put a cheque in with it if he is really sorry?
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Prince Philip, 97, a danger on the road and an out of touch old fart. Why hasn't his licence been revoked?

Any 'normal' person probably wouldn't still have a licence at 97 or if they did, and caused an accident, it would have been taken off them quick smart. When the will English establishm ... show more
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What's the deal with Prince Phillip driving around?

I mean, doesn't he have someone to run errands on his behalf? Or is it the case that he just likes to go out for a drive?
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Was Prince Philips accident really designed for Megan Markle?

Did he accidentally get into the car at Norfolk that was really "prepared" for Megan Markle. Markle gets in, her car "slides" off the road. Oh dear another horrible royal road c ... show more
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Harry caught rolling his eyes in awkward moment with Meghan - is there trouble in Paradise?
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Has Prince Philip going on a mad reckless driving weekend really just a blind to take publicity from the ongoing rows.?

between William and Harry which are threatening to bring the good name of the monarchy into disrepute.
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Should the Police have fined Prince Phillip?

For driving around without a seat belt a couple of days after smashing up another car
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Where were the Queen & other royals when servants would have broken the terrible news to them that Prince Philip had been in an RTA?

Were helicopters used to rush each of the royals from wherever they were in the country, or abroad, to Sandringham? Was the Queen put in a secure location where doctor's could aid her with her distres ... show more
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