What is another name for a bachelor party?

What is a more whole name for a bachelor party? Something you would call a christian bachelor party? I have heard stag night and buck night, but I'm looking for something that does not give off a ... show more
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List of opposites like ice and fire?

That can be used to describe twe people
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Should I change my last name?

I have a last name that many people don't know how to pronounce and I am sick and tired of feeling embarrassed whenever my name gets called for attendance, awards, etc because people don't k ... show more
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In what part of Norway do they speak Bokm脙楼l?

I am a native English speaker but I can also speak Bokm脙楼l fluently. I am going to Norway but what part do they use that language? I want to be able to communicate with people there.
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The/sight/a/ beautiful/what!/ is?

Unjumble the sentence
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Meaning: Communicate the fire.?

Does it have something to do with, "Start the fire" ?
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What's a word you do NOT like the sound of?

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Are Indian people considered white?

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