I'm 22 and have no friends and no gf. Should I look to marry as soon as I can?

I'm afraid of not being able to find a wife and be lonely my entire life. I have no friends, or gf. I'm socially awkward. ... show more
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What does it mean when a girl calls a guy sweetie?

I went to Chick-Fil-A and the girl running the cash register kept calling me sweetie. Was she just being nice or did she think I was cute or something?
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Liberals, so...what exactly is gender based on?

Since apparently it s not based on one s reproductive organs. According to you guys, there are more than two genders and apparently gender and sex are two different things and specifically it s you ... show more
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How to talk to uninformed people with short attention spans?

Am a cognitive scientist. Curious to hear your opinion. Most of the researchers in my department that I work with are psychologists, that despise philosophical thinking and logical argumentation. ... show more
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Are some people born racist?

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Why do people celebrate the New Year?

Nobody knows what a New Year will bring. You might win the Lottery or you might get terminal cancer.
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Why does everyone hate white people?

I'm white and I really hate how all of the minorities treat us like garbage and blame our ANCESTORS for taking this country, but that's not us now. These people here, if they hate us, why do ... show more
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Why would a peraon say: "If you can't be happy for someone's success, that's a sign of internal conflict"?

Why would not being happy for someone be a sign of internal conflict?
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