Have you ever smoked weed?

u liked?
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Question about medication?

For the past ten years I've been taking klonopin disintegrating tablets by the brand par and right now I have to take teva because the par are unavailable. The teva seem to dissolve a lot faster ... show more
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What would happen if I took 840mg amlodipine?

Yes. I am extremely suicidal and also know quite a bit about medical topics. I researched and found a cs where a 27 yo woman only just survived 150mg so the answer seems a little obvious, but I m want ... show more
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Could this have any lasting damage on my dad or will he get better?

he never listens to anyone so there is nothing to do to stop him. his best friend has had a stroke but is still smoking and drinking, not taking any medication or seing ny doctors. they are both heavy ... show more
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Is it safe to snort benadryl?

i have sleeping problems and need to knock out soon so i get enough sleep for work tomorrow (technically in 4.5 hours). i would ingest benadryl orally, but im usually drowsy when i wake up after takin ... show more
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Pee test sent to labs ?

I was offered a job and had to go complete a pee drug test at a local clinic. I got a call from the company that I applied for and the lady said if I was on any medication or prescription because they ... show more
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Is it bad that I swallow pills dry?

Most of the time whenever I have to take a pill like Tylenol or Mucinex or whatever I swallow the pill without water or any liquid. It's usually just laziness and I used to not think it was a problem, ... show more
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Can you still poop ?

if u hav intestinal problem like the intestines is stuck together.
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Does getting a blood test hurt ?

I m getting a blood test tomorrow morning and I m really nervous. Any tips ?
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How to know if I have brain cancer?

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To avoid the constant confusion, how about calling a medical doctor, "Doctor" & a PhD grad. "Doctorate" like Doctorate Smith?

You're on a plane in mid-flight and the copilot comes up and says to the person just across the aisle, "Dr. Smith, we have a person having heart problems, can you help?". Dr Smith repli ... show more
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What happens if I keep overdosing in ibuprofen?

So I've taken 1,200mg the first day, 1,800mg the second day, 3,600mg the third, 5,000mg the fourth, 6,600 the fifth, and most recently 12,000. I haven't taken it in two days because I had terrible nau ... show more
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