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Why isn't anyone safe if a meteor lands in the ocean?

If a large asteroid (many miles long) landed in the middle of the ocean, why would that be an issue? People on the coasts, its obvious why- but why not hundreds of miles inland? Its landing in the wat ... show more
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Does the moon produce lunar energy like the sun does?

The sun produces solar energy, so it'd make sense if the moon produced lunar energy
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What would happen if someone showed up at area 51?

and then was like "Hi guys- can I see the ufos?"
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Is there a website that can tell me what time it is?

Because I certainly would like to know what time it is..
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Why would people rather watch Monday Night Football instead of watching the news on the latest landing on Mars by NASA?

why news & information containing details about Mars is not all over the tv.? but instead everyone would rather watch the news about some stupid news stories or Monday night foot ball of all th ... show more
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Are we prepared for a meteor strike?

Lets say a meteor 10 miles wide was headed straight to us, center of the US? Would we be safe on the coasts, or the rest of the world?
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How did the spacecraft last for half a year without breaking down etc., how is it fueled since it is isn't a rocket?

Just curious. Any rude comments will be reported and good answers will be appreciated. Every machine needs to be re-fueled etc. right like for example a car or plane. I know we landed on the moo ... show more
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Do you think Jupitar has a surface?

Suppose some day we have a way to fly there and deflect off any pressurization, would there be a ground level or not? What does the surface of Jupitar look like if it exists? I want to check it out ... show more
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