My breast itches?

technically it's my nipple to be specific, but only my right one for some reason? i'm 18 if that's of any help lmao. is this smth to be of concern? i haven't worn any new bras whatsoever
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Why is white skin considered more attractive than tan or darker?

it is my understanding is that it would have to do with the fact that historically a person with white skin, clear complexion and soft skin does not likely work in fields or construction. They would l ... show more
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Are brown eyes ugly?

So this is sort of a stupid question but I have really really dark eyes, so dark that you can't even see the pupil, and my friends all have blue eyes. One of them made fun of my eyes and said that the ... show more
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How do you avoid razor bumps on lady parts?

My boyfriend likes me better when I have a clean shave but the next day I always get super bad razor bumps. I'm really scared of waxing, it seems so painful. Any tips on how to avoid razor bumps/break ... show more
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How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?

Any makeup products, home remedies, or cream recommendations are appreciated.
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Are skinny girls unattractive?

I am about 5'4 or 5'5 and I weight 110-112. I have a size B bust and wear 0-2. I feel so self conscious to the point of self harm. Every in the media and all around me talking about "thick girls only" ... show more
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What should I pierce next?

I have: 11 in one ear 10 in other ear Eyebrow Double septum Smiley Frowny (retired due to chipped tooth) Nipples Belly button 7 inner labia I was thinking of getting: Nape of neck Tw ... show more
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Too muscular for a girl?

Okay so i've been a gymnast since 8 and 2 years ago I started doing cross fit. And some people have been commenting on my physique lately in school even if i'm wearing sleeves my veins still ... show more
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When in the shower I ran my nails on my legs and black stuff came out.?

Okay, so one day in the shower. I ran my nails down my legs and to my surprise there was a black, clay like thing under my nails. Any idea what it is?
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Am i tall?

so i'm a 13 year old female and 5'3. my family says i'm tall but i don't think so... almost every girl at school is my height or taller. also a lot of people my age in shows and movies are the sa ... show more
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I'm getting my ears pierced and I'm scared?!?

I'm getting them pierced today and I hate the pain?! any one have any tips on how to not freak out?
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Ear studs?

Hey I was wondering if I get my ears pierced on Thursday when I have physical education at school on Wednesday how fast would the stud heal if I took it out or do you have any tips to hide it?
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