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How Come Traditional Female Names Never Become Unisex?

All male names have been used on one girl or more, and most of them do have feminine middle names, so don't tell them "there are so many feminine names to choose from" when they are still using tradit ... show more
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Favorite gender neutral name?

My husband and I have decided to wait until birth to find out the gender of our baby. We would like a gender neutral name so we can go ahead and get some things with the baby's name on it. What are so ... show more
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What name do you prefer for a girl?

Isabella, Valentina, Ariana, Victoria or Madeleine?
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What is your favorite spelling (girl name)?

Everleigh Everley Everlee Everlie Everly or another way I haven't thought of? ... show more
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Thoughts on the name Taten for a boy?

thanks in advance
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Baby names like Dale?

Looking for a GIRL name that comes from Dale. I'm naming her after my dad whos middle name was Dale. The middle name is Jane.
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What is it called when you make a name out of a phrase/non-names?

Examples: Hugh Jaynis Polly Ester Amanda Hugginkiss Mary Juana ... show more
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Which one?

Damien Issac or Issac Damien?
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