What part of: "You WILL NOT get your stupid wall" don't Trump and his supporters understand? Lol they still think Democrats will give in?

This a Democratic Party that is done being too soft and too tolerant with idiotic alt-right ideologies only to labelled as weak.
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Why do people hate George Soros?

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Is Elizabeth Warren an Indian?

Would she be the first Native American president?
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I have a question about the future of democracy and what ever is left of communism. Please read below.?

Technology changes so rapidly any electronic product we used say 20 years ago has become obsolete now. But what about political systems like democracy and communism. Every country is unique in its own ... show more
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According to Trumptards, Hillary is the one who is responsible for "the dossier". Now that everything in the dossier has been proved true...?

...does Hillary deserve a huge "Thank You" from ALL patriotic Americans? "Mueller probe shows parts of Steele dossier true" https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018... ... show more
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Why can't the US build a $150 million fence like Russia has that uses sensors and visual surveillance?

Russia's construction cost 200 million rubles, less that $3 million at the current exchange rate. At an equivalent cost-per-mile along the near-2,000 mile US/Mexico border, a similar barrier coul ... show more
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After playing the game Red Dead Redemption II -- is that environment a Conservative utopia?

Everyone had open-carry guns and settled disputes with gun fights. The "law" or government was small and didn't have much control over the frontier, so citizens were expected to be thei ... show more
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California organizers cancel Women's March because majority of its participants are white women? Isn't this racism?

First, the hate to Jewish people now this? And wtf do they expect... this country is 75 percent white. This is not Zimbabwe or Japan. This is pure racism to me.
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Why is Trump blaming Democrats for the shutdown he told THE WORLD he would be "proud to own"? Could Trump have *gasp!* lied?

Trump last week: I'll own the shutdown. Trump now: It's the Democrats' fault. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/... Trump said on December 11, "I am proud to shut down the government for bor ... show more
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What should we call Chuck Schumer and Nancy pisslosi ?

Chucky and bride of chucky? The commie twins ? Fascist hag and co-fascist ? Dumb and Dumber ,or traitor tots? So hard to choose just one....
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