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Do you think its right when someone who is 20 -22 is abused and harassed for dating someone who is 16-17?

I remember when justin gaston was 20 was dating a 15 year old girl people were harassing and abusing him and making hate vidoes of him on youtube I remember when 24 year old tyga was dating 16 ye ... show more
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Is it illegal to continue to cuss in front of the police if thry tell me to stop?

if I am having a dispute with someone and the police are called and they tell us to stop cussing but I ignore them, could I be charged with anything? Doesn't the first amendment protect all speec ... show more
20 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 week ago

Can you report stolen after 3 months?

I know this is stupid and I'm an idiot and all, but my boyfriend (now ex, I assure you) was at my house 3 months ago and it took me a while to notice how many effing things he stole from me, and ... show more
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Can you help me get Sony and Microsoft to stop making video game consoles?

I think I have a plan to kill off video games. We need to call Sony and Microsoft to get them to stop making video games.
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Why can't we just castrate paedophiles?

It doesn't need too be like physical scalpel and lab coats type of deal, it could be chemical castration and there could be like a 3 strikes and your out type thing. Seems pretty reasonable too m ... show more
20 answers · Law & Ethics · 2 weeks ago

A man offered my friend money to go to Peru and come back smuggling drugs. What can I do to stop this?

My friend is not listening to me!!! It's a scam!! I've seen it!!! They offer you money to go somewhere and smuggle drugs from there to another country, then they SNITCH ON YOU and you get ca ... show more
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Is this ticket fair (NY)?

I have my own driveway, it's private property. The entire vehicle (except the front two wheels) are on it, but the wheels are partially on the public road. The ticket says NO PARKING ON SIDEWALK, even ... show more
8 answers · Law & Ethics · 2 weeks ago

Can a US citizen be extradited to Australia for prosecution even if he/she was never an Australian citizen?

I just read an article about a US citizen named Brandi Brandt who was extradited from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia for sentencing and to serve out that sentence. Her crime was being involved with ... show more
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Do you think it's ok for a 16 year old to have sex with an 18 year old?

To me i believe it is ok cause the age difference is not a lot and 16 year olds always have sex with other teens who are either their age or less and just because the government thinks it's wrong ... show more
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I live in London, I have a full-time job, but I'm still homeless because state agents refuse me. Is this discrimination against the law?

They refuse me because they say I have to earn at least three times over the value of the rent. The rents are usually 脗拢500 plus per month for a small room in a dirty shared house. The good rooms in ... show more
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Driver rear ended me and gave me false car insurance info knowingly, by providing me with a fake copy that was made up. What should I do?

I DO NOT have uninsured motorist coverage. Next, I also tried to file a police report and they told me they can't do a police report because it happens all the time. This occurred in FL. The agency th ... show more
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Can a criminal suspect actually be pulled off a plane even after the plane left the boarding gate?

So like suppose a man did all of this 1) Took out a gun and shot killed a couple of innocent random people in a parking lot 2) Threw gun in a dumpster and drove to airport 3) Cleared secu ... show more
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Is It Ethical to Eat Meat?

13 answers · Law & Ethics · 3 weeks ago

An ex forged my signature as a cosigner on a lease with a local landlord that I know personally. I found out when it appeared on my credit?

The landlord had sued, but didn't name me and I was never served or anything. I contacted him directly and he basically said tough he has a judgement and is looking in to garnishing my wages. ... show more
14 answers · Law & Ethics · 3 weeks ago

Should English school children be beaten?

The clergymans wife and I along with Mayoress were having a lovely cup of tea when rude violent school children burst into the store making me spill my cup over my mink. What feral animals they were! ... show more
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