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Can a 16 year old move out state?

I'm 16 and have had some really bad issues with my adoptive parents my whole life. I'm dating a 19 year old long distance who lives in Tennessee and he asked me to move in with him after this school y ... show more
20 answers · Law & Ethics · 4 days ago

Why did Roger Stone get arrested?

I see people boast about Roger Stone getting arrested as though they have "won" something, but they don't seem to explain the reasons why he was arrested. Why did he get arrested? ... show more
12 answers · Law & Ethics · 6 days ago

Why is it considered illegal and creepy for a 15 year old girl to date a 35 year man old but not for a 20 year old to date a 40 year old?

This concept completely baffles me Everyone's defense seems to be "well their a legal adult at 18 so they can do whatever they want" I know of a 20 year girl that lives with her par ... show more
20 answers · Law & Ethics · 6 days ago

Cancelling deceased person's accounts.?

My grandmother passed away over a month ago. Nobody has taken initiative to be the executor of her estate. I was able to cancel a couple of her credit cards, utilities, telephone, etc., but most requi ... show more
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My step father told me if I don't get a job in 3 weeks he is going to kick me out.?

Is he bluffing? I'm still in highschool and don't think it's even legal to be kicked out at this time.
20 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 week ago

I got 12 years of Domestic Partnerchip with a woman, does she have any kind of legal Rights relative with my properties?

I mean my House, Cars and save account money, we never get married but she have prove that we are being together for more than 12 years in California. No kids but, we almost have sex once in a while ... show more
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Is it legal to shoot someone who is abusing an animal?

If I see someone abusing a dog to the point where the dog can die. Can you legally shoot the suspect?
20 answers · Law & Ethics · 2 weeks ago

Legal responsibility for hitting a mailbox?

I hit a mailbox today, the owner wants me to find someone to replace it for him. Am i legally liable to do so or should I make the owner do it and reimburse him?
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My employer has been taking 30 minutes out of my paycheck every day I work. Florida (FLSA) does not require breaks. Without my approval.?

FLSA states that I am not required to take a break. My employer has taken it upon itself to force us to take our 30 minutes after our shift clocked in. A Majority of the time I am not able to take ... show more
21 answers · Law & Ethics · 3 weeks ago

Is this a scam or is this real? What should I do?

I got a message from someone on Facebook messenger about a job they want to pay me $500 a week but they want me to send me a check and they keep some and send the rest to an "art supplier". ... show more
19 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 month ago

Can My Ex Prevent Me From Shopping Where They Work?

I (18f) have a toxic ex (22m) who, for whatever reason, works at the Lowes in my city (he lives 30 min away.) I'm an art student, I hardly ever go to Lowes but I have had to go in the past, befor ... show more
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Will pilots ever be allowed to smoke weed like alcohol?

As weed is slowly becoming legalized in the US i'm assuming it will eventually be removed as a schedule 1 drug. With this assumption, do you think weed will become a drug like alcohol where you c ... show more
7 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 month ago

If I'm given my friend a ride to work in my car and we get into an accident, can her family sue us if she gets hurt or dies?

Even if I'm not at fault. I got a lot of anxiety about this. I'm still on my parents car insurance with them. Mom yelled at me after finding out I gave my friend a couple rides to work since her car ... show more
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