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Why aint libs understnd that the KKK is lib cause the democrats started them in 1800s?

and that it aint matter that republicans now love the confederit flag?
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Are Democrat's opposing a border barrier because they get kickbacks from drug cartels?

One rancher talked about "53 truckloads of dope" going through his property in 2 years down to none since feburary, after the fence was built. Does that cut into the Democrat's inc ... show more
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What does MAGA stand for?

What does the acronym MAGA stand for?
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Do people honestly believe that women use abortions as birth control?

People try to use that argument, but who tf is doing that??? Not NEARLY as much people as you want there to be to prove your point. If somebody IS out there doing that, they're a nut and a rare c ... show more
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What happened to David Cameron?

You see all the old politicians still on tv doing interviews and discussing current events, but you never see Cameron. It's like he never existed?
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Are MRE's bad for you?

Like how healthy are they? realistically speaking if someone ate MRE's and ONLY MRE"s, how long before they'd become sick? ... show more
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