How to convince my husband to get a cat?

My husband and i live alone ( no kids ), We were looking to get a house pet and well as you can imagine hes a dog person and im a cat AND dog person. my main reason id prefer a cat is because he wo ... show more
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Is it possible to teach a cat to stand on your shoulder?

I don't have a cat right now, but I'm thinking about getting one so I can teach it to stand on my shoulder like a parrot. I've seen a video of a guy with a cat standing on his head, so ... show more
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Cats or Dogs?

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Good names for a male black cat?

He is an 8 month old domestic short-hair black cat with green eyes if that helps. :D
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Can a veterinary nurse do this?

I took my cat to the vet today. She was having her booster. She's an old lady and my vets are doing free blood pressure checks. She suggested I could have it done today with the nurse. I asked if ... show more
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Would it be appropriate for me to take a picture with my sick animal before she passes away?

My 16 year old cat ( Jeanette) is not doing all that great . She is in intensive care at the vets office. The doctor is running some tests , but we are prepared for the worse. She might not make it ... show more
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Is our cat dying?

Our cat, Sparky has been in my partners family for nearly 20 years. when we moved into our own house, we brought Sparky with us. 2 weeks ago we took her to the vet for a check up and it turns out she ... show more
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What's a cool pet to have that you can keep in 1 room?

Our cat died and I want another pet but my parents don't so what's something that's acceptable to keep in 1 room, like in a cage or tank or something? I'd love another cat but to ... show more
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Would you adopt this beautiful cat?

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Caring for a stray cat?

Hello! There is a stray cat (I assume) that wonders into my basement every night, probably for warmth as he is always near the furnace. I myself have only owned dogs and am clueless as to what to feed ... show more
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Male cats always mark their territory?

I usually have female pets simply because the 1 male cat and 2 male dogs I've had peed all over everything and I never could break them of it fully. The cat was the worst and that was the only t ... show more
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I got bitten by a stray kitten. What should I do? Help!?

IF U READ THIS, PLS HELP IMMEDIATELY. I think the kitten is 4 month old...
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Why is my kitten pooping diarrhoea with bright red blood?

So.. my cat is 14 weeks old and we just brought him home from his breeder. He had all his microchipping and desexing documents. We had to drive 10ish hours on the way back home from picking him up. He ... show more
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Can I leave my cat outside overnight?

My parents say I have to keep her in my room at night as she jumps and scratches at doors waking them up early in the morning, but now she does the same to me by trying to get out of my room. We don ... show more
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Animal rights question?

I've just come back from putting my cat down...the vet discovered she had a massive tumour in her jaw. Previous to this, this poor cat when thru dental surgery where they thought she had extreme decay ... show more
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Cat smelled my vape! Is that ok?

I was playing around with my vape and my cat was beside me. It was turned on and my cat came over and smelled it directly in front of the mouth piece. I didn't know it was bad for cats until I did som ... show more
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My cat is 1 and we have had her since she was a kitten. For the past 3 days she has been distancing herself from family. Any ideas?

Normally she loves to be around family and be in the same room. Now at random times you could be petting her and she will run into the bedroom closet and just lay down. No signs of pain or discomfor ... show more
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Can I get my cat an abortion?

to make a long story short, my cat ran away, and came home preggers. I can't afford to feed all these cats, i'm just trying to do the best I can. can I get my cat an abortion?
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