My roommate is abusing her kitten (I think) what do I do?

I'm pretty sure my roommate is abusing her kitten, it's 3 maybe 4 months old now and it still growing so she's still very curious. The few times she's been let out of my roomates room and into our liv ... show more
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Cats and moving?

I am moving house soon with my two cats. The home needs some renovating and is only 2 minutes away from the house we currently live in. What suggestions do you have to keep the cats calm and refrain f ... show more
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What is your favorite Cat Breed?

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How to help a cat's runny nose?

My cat is 4.5 years old and regularly has a runny nose. I've taken him to a vet 3x about it and nothing prescribed has helped. I've had medicine of white powder to sprinkle in his food, I� ... show more
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My cat attacks my baby?

Hey, so my cat is a little under a year, and my baby is 9 months. We got the cat a few months after our baby was born and she has been mean to her since we brought her home. The baby is very gentle wi ... show more
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my cats (3 of them) are extremely sick. with being weak, hiding, saliva that's smells horrible. we first thought it was poison but now since our 3rd cat just got it(whatever it is) 3 days after the le ... show more
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Is it okay to give my cat these pills?

I ordered some otc pills to help get rid of fleas on my cat,and also some that help with worms. I'm afraid that may cause some type of reaction. I haven't talked to a vet.
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How to get cat to stop meowing at night.?

She runs around the house meowing, she's been to the vet many times, she's not sick, it's been 8 months of nobody responding when she does it and it's still constant. She's go ... show more
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My cat has a uti and I have questions.?

I recently found out my cat has a uti. She peed of my kitchen floor and it was a tint of red. Ive done research and it says it can go away and thats what im hoping. Does anyone know how much it would ... show more
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Do cats have bellybuttons?

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My new cat will not eat. Why?

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Do you have a Kittie and How important is She/He to you?

Mine is number one important
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Why don't domesticated cats and dogs eat the same food?

In the wild, wild dogs, tigers, lions, etc. all eat one thing: meat. Why should we have to buy separate bags of food for both cats and dogs?
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My 6 month old kitten is very aggressive at times, why?

My female kitten was adopted maybe 5 months ago and she is growing comfortable in my house but she is also still very aggressive, I understand she is young but no matter how I discipline her (spray bo ... show more
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My neighbour neutered my cat?

My next door neighbour neutered my cat (that is not the current issue im asking about but yes i am extremely angry about it) and since then i have unneutered males in the area just walking into my hou ... show more
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