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Do we need to vastly increase foreign aid in order to deal with the global antibiotic resistance crisis?

'Helen Hamilton, a senior policy analyst at WaterAid, said: "We cannot tackle the rise of antimicrobial resistance without focusing on water, sanitation, hygiene and infection prevention control. ... show more
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Will parliament take over the brexit fiasco.?

Party members on both sides of the house,will move to derail May's No-deal brexit. Their actions could give a 9 month delay in leaving the EU and at best a Norway style deal, followed by a ref ... show more
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Why do people do this?

I just saw a video on facebook about 2 people in a street fight, and a guy was stomping on the other guys head, kicking him in his head, and kept on punching him while he was unconscious. And the peop ... show more
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Were the August 2011 riots in England a result of racism and poverty?

Black people from the community were interviewed and said this was the cause.
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Were Convington Catholic boys wrong in wearing MAGA hats and confronting Native American elder Nathan Philips or no?

The controversial confrontation involving students from Kentucky s Covington Catholic High School on a school-sponsored trip to an anti-abortion march in Washington, D.C. Last weekend, a video appeare ... show more
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Is Jeremy Corbyn a hypocrite?

Jeremy Corbyn willingly sat with terrorist groups, Hamas, Hezbollah & the IRA without conditions but won't sit down with Theresa May until she meets his conditions! Is that the epitome of a ... show more
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Is alex salmond guilty?

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