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Tory Brexit will cost the UK 脗拢100 BILLION, according to figures, released, today!?

Are the people willing to PAY, - or should the robbers/Tories, pay for it, as punishment for incompetence?
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The primary purpose of any living organism is to reproduce, why are homosexuals so pointless?

Don't give me that crap about adopting kids. Homos can have somebody else's kids, but not kids. They are without purpose in nature.
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Should rapists be allowed to see children who are a result of that rape?

Re. Rotherham. The woman that had a kid with Arshid Hussain wants a change in the law to ban the father from seeing the kid if it's a result of rape. What about the rights of the kid to see it's dad, ... show more
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Are you preparing for the next pandemic that will take place worldwide?

Bill Gates said that the next pandemic will be disease X. Disease X will kill 30 million people within six months worldwide. He said that humanity is not prepared for this deadly virus. For me, I ... show more
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Why is everyone upset a 16year old Syrian boy was attacked ?

No one gets outraged when 11 year old white girls are plyed with drugs and drink and made to perform certain acts on unmentionable men cough Rotherham cough Rochdale. This Syria boy didn't eve ... show more
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16 year old boy who's a fan of Tommy Robinson to be charged with assaulting a Syrian refugee at school, both bullies?
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Isn't it about time society thought about the victims instead of the rights of Muslims rapists and child abusers as in the case below?

Man who raped a 14yo girl wants access to his child. Do you think he has any rights to see it? BBC News - Sammy Woodhouse: Rapist Arshid Hussain 'gets chance to see victim's child' ... show more
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Why can't the loony left accept the Brexit vote?

Sour losers can't accept the democratic mandate of this country. These leftys harp on about democracy but don't like the result as it didn't go their way. Reminds one of year 6 boys lo ... show more
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