Flying drones over national parks?

What s gonna happen now since the government is shutdown? Am I free to fly over a national park?
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As of 2018-2019, what are the most common pre-war Lionel toy trains?

I have a Lionel 258, made in 1941, and according to the 2000 edition of the Lionel Price Guide & History, by Tom McComas and Charles Krone, it was listed as one of the common ones, ones that lack ... show more
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Twin Boy Names?

Me and my boyfriend are having twin boys in March and we can't seem to find any names we like we have 5 other kids Rose Marie 9-year-old Ella Mae 6-year-old Max Lukas 4-year-old Carter Jame ... show more
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Can adults like teddy bears?

Would it be strange for a 25 year old guy to have loads and loads of teddy bears? It was first his late mother who started collecting them and most are either hers or ones she bought him when he wa ... show more
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Xmas ideas for 8 year old girl??

She likes lol dolls, slime, descendants, has an iPad and her own cell phone
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What name should i give my teddy bear?

I have this teddy bear that has been with me ever since i was a baby but i realized that i've never given it a name and i just called him teddy when i was a kid. Now i want an actual name for my ... show more
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What are t he best toys to get for a boy at his age? He is?

He is 6 and hwat are the best toys
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Where are you buying Christmas Toys this year?

Since toys are us closed
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Christians why don't you take the leap of faith?

Atheists are deep believers in no God and have a strict faith doctrine that is faithful to the notion that God doesn't exist. Therefore, the atheists place top priority on their "faith an ... show more
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Where is my toy?

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