What name should i give my teddy bear?

I have this teddy bear that has been with me ever since i was a baby but i realized that i've never given it a name and i just called him teddy when i was a kid. Now i want an actual name for my ... show more
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What are t he best toys to get for a boy at his age? He is?

He is 6 and hwat are the best toys
6 answers · Toys · 3 weeks ago

Where are you buying Christmas Toys this year?

Since toys are us closed
8 answers · Toys · 1 month ago

Christians why don't you take the leap of faith?

Atheists are deep believers in no God and have a strict faith doctrine that is faithful to the notion that God doesn't exist. Therefore, the atheists place top priority on their "faith an ... show more
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Where is my toy?

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I miss being a kid?

I'm 14 and I still play with toys and play outside but I just wish I could be younger so it would be normal
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Would you let your daughter play with dolls that is not her skin color?

Today I saw a tiny white girl playing with a black doll and it touched my heart
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Is this okay or bad?

I'm 14 and love playing outside, playing with toys, and acting like a little kid. Is that okay?
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Whats so bad about sex toys?

My island pretty much just made sex toy distribution, importation and sharing illegal. I don t know what s so bad about sex toys
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American girl dolls?

Hi. My bf has two girls and I wanted to get them gift cards to go in and get a doll made. How much would this cost?
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What happens to un used products?

Few months ago, toys r us closed. But what happens to the toys / products that were left behind after closure. Are they given to a seller, another store, or do they go into the landfill?
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Are dolls for bois to?

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Should me as a 13 year old boy keep my one stuffed animal that I've always been super attached to?

So, i'm a 13 (almost 14) year old boy and I've had ONE stuffed animal that I've never been able to let go of. It helps me fall asleep and I've had nightmares when I sleep without it. I sleep with it e ... show more
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Keeping Childhood Toys?

Can someone help me understand this. When guys move out of their parents parents house, they usually move out stuff they've kept from their childhood such as matchbox cars, diecast trucks, G.I. Joes, ... show more
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