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He and I both know that we belong together- he's a bit older?

I'm 22, he's 34. I met him at my older brothers basketball games. He's been married but unhappy for so long, I can actually see it on his face, his wife tried having kids but she cant ... show more
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I dumped my ex gf who is the mother of my child and ...?

Since then, she emotionally abuses me very bad . I also slept with her a week ago because the sex is good . But I could never been in a relationship with her . I'm having money problems and I have ... show more
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Opinion on interracial couples.?

Be honest.
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Would you think this guy is cool and down to earth?

You go on his Facebook page and next to his name he has (The Funk Guru) as a nickname.
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Falling in love with my manager.?

So I had a fling with my manager, he's currently in a relationship with someone else we all work in the same work place we had sex once on other occasions we kissed hugged had oral sex with each other ... show more
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Why do I get horny out of nowhere?

I m a female, 16, and I ve just been getting really horny out of nowhere. Like, I ll be sitting on my couch or laying in bed on my laptop, and then suddenly, bam. I won t even be doing something arous ... show more
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Going on my first date? Any advice?

I'm a 20 year old guy and I'm going on my first date. Yesterday one of my co workers asked me "how old are you?" I said "I'm 20" she said "I have a 20 year old single granddaughter, she would be perfe ... show more
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I'm 47 years old, why do men still want to marry me?

My vajajay is dried up now... so I am not wanting to have sex at all. All I want to do is relax... since I spent half my life going to school and working. I don't want to deal with men ... show more
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My ex had sex with another guy, what do i do ?

My ex and i broke up after 3 years , i been depressed and so has she... its been like 2 month later and i called her last night to check up on her and she told me crying on the phone that she did some ... show more
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Are there any men still out there who like Traditional women.?

I am a 21 year old girl and I don't go out, I drink on holidays but that's it, I volunteer at my church a lot and Jesus is very important to me. I don't curse, idk I was raised very tra ... show more
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24 yo virgin here. no girls ever come talks to me out of interest in me. but they all talk to all the other guys everywhere i go. am i not ever good enough? because i no i dont have some kind of defor ... show more
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A guy wants a reason for why I broke up with him?

I hung out with this guy like 5 times and then realized I didn't like him so I broke it off. he told me that he wished I had told him sooner so he didn't hate time and money on me. now he� ... show more
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What should I tell my new partner? We have just started having sex.?

The relationship is very new, I have only seen him a few times. We have only had sex once. He is coming over in the next couple of hours and I can't have sex with him because I am having thrush treatm ... show more
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