How can I calm my sister down ?

My sister is obsessed with Queen she's in love with the guitar player Brian May she's so obsessed she cries over him like that girl cried about Justin Bieber only she's worse. Especiall ... show more
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Where's the best places to hide a phone?

I've been caught with a phone before. My father is super strict and ive been grounded from a phone he bought me one Christmas for over three years. I bought my own last November. I don't hav ... show more
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Is my nephew right to be angry with me?

I'm 48 years old... with disabilities. There is no where for me to go. The housing are too expensive. My SSI and even section 8 won't be able to help me with my apartment rent. I had to g ... show more
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Moving out of my dad's house I need advice!?

About three years ago I moved to ID from CA. Since I moved I have gotten depression and severe anxiety. I am very unhappy here. My mom is very unhappy in ID as well. My mom and dad are seperated and w ... show more
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What to do?

Ok this might be long but my brother and nephew were both loud last night we went through this a lot they don't be quiet when asked nicely by me tell I go to my mom I am so sick of it I will talk to m ... show more
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My mum has a new boyfriend?

I really need some advice: March 2017 my parents split up, Me (14 at the time), my mum and my 4 yo sister moved 4 hours away. It was all weird to me at the time but things were getting better we saw m ... show more
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Was I wrong to hit my mom back?

I'm a sexteen year old girl. My mom and I got into an argument and then she proceeded to hit me. In defense I too started to hit her and grabbed her hair. I then stopped after I realized what I was do ... show more
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How to earn money to get to America?

Basically, I am hoping to get to America this summer for 2 months - July to September. I have always wanted to go to America and I am hoping to stay with my uncle - he is the closest person I have to ... show more
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My sister is being reckless and inconsiderate what can I do?

My sister and I have always been close. She moved in with a boyfriend at 24 and it didn't work out so she is now back living at home a yeat ago at 25 and it's a nightmare. She stays out all ... show more
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Don't you think a man who worked hard in life and spent his entire life building his career deserves a young beautiful woman in his life?

Everyone is losing their $hit because my brother brought his girlfriend home for Christmas to introduce to the family and she's only 19 there is over a 20 year age gap , and everyone expects him to se ... show more
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Why is being good-looking considered an achievement?

Why is it considered an achievement/celebrated so much when we already no that it's not something the person has worked for? We are born with looks, that's not something worth being proud o ... show more
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I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas!!!!!!?

Can you believe this, I told my parents I wanted a TV that was no less than 60 inches across for Christmas. INSTEAD I get this TV That was made in 1970 an I was told that TV Costed more in 1970 ... show more
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What's wrong with my mother?

my Moms been pissing me off ever since I came home 2 weeks ago. All she does is complain complain complain, she compares me to other kids saying why can't I be like them. She brings back bad stuff th ... show more
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Where am I supposed to put my mother's ashes?

It's still in the box it came in. It was with my grandmother but now it's with me since she passed away. Where am I supposed to put it?
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Why does my family give my brother a hard time for having a lot of kids?

My brother recently converted to Catholicism about six years ago before he married his wife (who was Catholic). From what my brother has told me, he says he's a traditional Catholic who belon ... show more
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I told my mom that my dad (they're divorced) would pay for a playstation 4, and now it's 3 days before and she refuses to buy me one! UNFAIR?

For the past 2 1/2 years I told my mom that my dad would pay for a PlayStation 4 for me for Christmas this year. But now it's almost Christmas and she says she can't afford it? Why is she ... show more
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My grandma is being extremely strict and controlling?

First of all, sorry for my bad english. So I've been living with my grandparents since childhood after my parents sent me to their house since my parents were too busy with work to take care o ... show more
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What does it mean when a woman has children with multiple men?

hello. i'm 14 years old and i have no full siblings. my mom had 6 kids (including me) with 5 different men. is this normal? what does this mean? i've just been thinking about this my whole ... show more
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