What is the purpose of meaning?

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Why do some people have good lives and others don't?

I am a realist so I don't believe in any supernatural stuff and I don't believe in any religion. You could call me a hardcore Atheist/Skeptic. What I sometimes wonder is why do certain people have ... show more
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Do you think that powerful people know something that majority of the people don't know?

Maybe they know something that we don't know. Maybe they have some knowledge that helps them stay in power and to keep the majority of us in low rank. What do you say? ... show more
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What is the point of life?

It's just a short collection of experiences that ultimately lead to death. We were dead, now we are alive, then we die again. How can anyone have fulfillment in their lives when our only biologic ... show more
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What defines a good person their actions or empathy/compassion?

Say if somebody doesn't feel much empathy but does good deeds to try and redeem themselves are they still a bad person?
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What is the difference in death and before conception?

Are they the same? If so, surely then if an experience you're having now arose out of pre conception, then an experience can arise out of death? The thought that has always puzzled me is 'Th ... show more
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Why are humans so cruel and vile to each other?

Is there no god who sees this?Starving children in Africa,terrorists in the middle east,domestic,emotional abuse,rape and torture..the list goes on.Why are people so despicable to one another?Is it ho ... show more
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Are philosophers always right?

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Is there a secret to life?

Would you be determined enough to search for it until you die
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Is life largely determined by luck?

To be realistic I think it is. The circumstances you are born into greatly determine the amount of opportunity you will have and how your life is. Nobody gets to choose their genetics or where the ... show more
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If society were to inevitability collapse then what is the purpose of life?

Let's say there was absolute no turning back to fix and put everything back to normal, then what is the meaning of life then? What's the point?
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