Why did the Nazis consider Germanic people a master race?

They have no higher mental or physical capacity than the other European types. They are also very plain aesthetically, never having been recognised for their beauty. Pathetic. ... show more
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Who was worse: Hitler or Napoleon?

Both have a lot in common.
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Can you write a first person response to a "why aren't you joining the war" poster in WW1?

Imagine you are a 30 year old French-Canadian nurse living in New Brunswick in 1916. You know what there is a need for nurses who speak French in Europe but you do not support the war as you view it a ... show more
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There are people who say that Columbus discovered a new continent called America, but why are there no people say about discovering China?

Since there are basically no interactions between the West and China in the old times
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Why & how did Christianity become so popular during the 200s and 300s ad?

I know Constantine was the one that really sponsored it, but how it had become so popular before? it had nearly 10 percent? of the people converted before 200s ad? why and how this happened?
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Was Pablo Escobar white?

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Was World War I a bloodless war?

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What's the cost of living now compared to the 1950s? Higher? Lower?

Why could men afford to take their wives anywhere in the 1950s, but now it's more difficult?
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Hitler was evil but was he also a military genius?

Quite possibly, he single handedly conqured most of Europe and never went to a military academy while he was surrounded by incompetent generals who only learned to hold a spoon and fork in military ac ... show more
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