Did you know the Jonestown Cult were Atheists by the point they'd formed a Commune?

Even while he was still preaching in The US, Jones threw the Bible off the Pulpit during Service and declared something along the lines of "we don't need this anymore". Then in The ... show more
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Why did Jimmy Carter fail to rescue hostages?

I guess when you crash 2 helicopters it doesn't work out very well
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Were African American soldiers more likely to see combat in Vietnam?

Were they treated fairly coming home from Vietnam? If not, why weren't the troops treated with the same respect as today.
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Why don't conservatives realize that the 1950s was not a good time?

-minorities were treated as subhuman and segregation existed -women had to be a wife/mother only, were not allowed to receive an education or even wear pants for that matter! - no treatments f ... show more
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What country can be the most proud for World War II?

It's definitely not France, I'll tell you that.
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Why were school massacres more rare back then?

Before the columbine massacre. School massacres did happen though, but it wasn't a trend. And it happen much, much, less than compared to today...
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When did the American colonies first think about Independence ?

Because you do not just go from being loyalist to Britain one day and next day start the revolution become a patriot rebel.
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Why were the Confederates so strong during the civil war?

During the civil war the CSA killed over 400,000 union soldiers and yet the CSA themselves had a worse economy and didn't manufacture their military uniforms. As they would usually wear their str ... show more
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