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Why are people so sick?!?

I just learned that about 200 (I think) people die a year due to bulls, but 250,000 bulls are killed a year! Why are we so scared of them if those ar the stats?!
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Want to know the truth about Area 51?

Ok before I start. Keep this in mind. Area 51 is top secret. You all know that. What you don't know is that the name comes from the 50 states in the U.S plus Mexico. That's 51. Why you ask? Because Ar ... show more
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F U Once again weather meteorologists of King County?

I said wind storms are banned in Washington state due to my rules and various threats. I wasn't a this angry of a person before but now you've forced me to resort 2 drastic measures. Sure I'm go ... show more
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Life is horrible?

Why is life so unfair? Some people born poor, some people born rich? Some born beautiful, some born ugly.
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True or False? A place without any traffic is probably a place that's not worth living in?

Because small towns and rural areas aren't worth living in, especially if you're in your 20s or 30s and single. Everyone knows everyone in small towns and can't mind their own business, and they ar ... show more
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What stores don't card you for dust off?

I'm not an substance abuser I'm simply curious.
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Why do we use so many pesticides?

Sounds to me like they're destroying our environment.
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Will I die?

Planning on sleeping in a field tonight ,. Temperatures meant to be around -2 Celsius . I've got thermals skins on my legs as well as jeans , a t shirt and a jumper. I'm also going to be usi ... show more
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