Global Warming

Will global warming kind of equal itself out?

the land lost to sea rise and desertification will be made up for by land gained in the frozen norths? canada/russia/alaska will become more hospitable ... show more
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Why do people care so much about global warming, in an emotional way, willing to be taxed over it? Is it from schooling?

Seems to me that the global warming debate is still something people use to talk down to other people. "What! You don't believe in global warming!? I'm smarter than you. I'm a b ... show more
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What evidence is there for global warming?

Everyone talks about "global warming" but i'm skeptical.
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Why do you conservatives believe scientists when it comes to other things, yet think they are wrong or lying about climate change?

Or do you actually believe it, but don't want to do anything because, as always, it hasn't affected you yet?
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Do Climate Change deniers really think that we're having zero negative impact on the environment and ecosystem?

If not, why oppose environmental reforms and laws? Even if you think Climate Change is a hoax or merely exasperated but you know harm is being done then why oppose measures to address it?
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Why was CO2 levels flat for 3 years?

Only now 4 years later have they risen to new highest records why the delay
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Liberals, did you know Obama is to blame for America's Automakers ending production of their most Guel Efficient cars?

Ford, GM and Chrysler/Dodge are all ending production of most of their cars. First person to tell us why gets 10 Points! ... show more
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