Who or what can awaken morgoth form the void?

Could be on the rise the way that Sauron was on the rise in the hobbit and the lord of rings
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Ear studs?

Hey I was wondering if I get my ears pierced on Thursday when I have physical education at school on Wednesday how fast would the stud heal if I took it out or do you have any tips to hide it?
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I m 17. Have a job. Have hobbies... but don t know what to do with my life?

Hi. As the question states. I m 17. I have a great job for my age working after school making 9.50 an hour. My grades are alright, I play guitar and skateboard. But lately I ve been so stuck in my hea ... show more
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What do you think of 20mph speed limits?

I decided to observe one near my house,because I've heard stories of people being ticketed for doing 21mph. The car behind me became super impatient, and when I got to the end of the road to tur ... show more
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Biggest and best TV antenna?

What is the biggest and best outdoor TV antenna available for long distances?
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Whats the difference between Broadcast Journalism and Television Journalism at City University? or in general?

The course has the same modules as well as optional modules. So I just wanted to know if someone could explain to me. Which one is better if you looking to be a presenter etc
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Why Science deny Astrology if it's Accurate ?

At least some claims are shocking which are realted to our past and we wander how can someone know this
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Is 'going green' really an answer? Should we learn from Al Gore's Georgetown, TX experiment?

https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/18/texas... Here is an example of Al Gore's 'future of the world. ... show more
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As of 2018-2019, what are the most common pre-war Lionel toy trains?

I have a Lionel 258, made in 1941, and according to the 2000 edition of the Lionel Price Guide & History, by Tom McComas and Charles Krone, it was listed as one of the common ones, ones that lack ... show more
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Foster child advice?

I have 2 children my oldest son (biological) and then i have a daughter (foster child) This christmas I got them both presents but naturally it makes me sense that i give my biological child better pr ... show more
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Can hard footsteps damage hardwood floor?

I live in a mobile home with hardwood flooring, and my brothers gf walks with her heels, and when she walks past my room it sounds like shes tied bricks to her feet? Do you think her footsteps will ev ... show more
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Is there a Marmi shoe shop in The Summit in Birmingham?

Looking for Marmi Shoes in Birmingham
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Why is that Dogs are far easier to train than human children are?

When human children are accredited with far more intellect than the average dog is?
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What part of: "You WILL NOT get your stupid wall" don't Trump and his supporters understand? Lol they still think Democrats will give in?

This a Democratic Party that is done being too soft and too tolerant with idiotic alt-right ideologies only to labelled as weak.
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My 11 year old son went to a boy girl birthday party.?

My 11 year old son went to a boy girl birthday party. The mother of the girl who threw the party had informed me she walked in on the two of them investing each other's private parts. Where they just ... show more
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Why there are so many Tsunami in Indo-nesia?

there are a few tsunamis in indo-nesia. Why are there so many?
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How do people just put their heads down and work for like 2 hours - 5 hours at a time.?

I've always admired people who can do this, I just get distracted every second. That a 30min task will take 2 hours. How do I just put my head down and work. There are times where I can just ... show more
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Do you think that It's The British Royal Family behind all that gibberish answers?

Those people are mad. And the person making those answers has to be someone powerful enough to get people like that to answers gibberishly. It's probably that mad woman The Queen, Or her evil dau ... show more
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