Can another pet adopted without letting the landlord know? ?

The lease says two dogs only which we had. One of the dogs died and we wnat to adopt another dog. The lease does not say that we can not, it says two dogs only. Can we adopt another dog as the secon ... show more
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If Ebay shuts down your seller account permanently, how possible is it to set up another account to sell again?

They said their system would detect it if that s done but what if a different email and Paypal account is used?
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Am I pretty much the only person who doesn't think the Witcher 3 is an amazing game?

I'd rate it an 8 out of 10 but pretty much everyone I know thinks it's a 10/10. I didn't find the story incredibly interesting and the combat didn't seem amazing to me.
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Did obama ruin the democratic party?

the democrats were alot better before him. this weird anti amerian /anti reality / anti free speech globalist progressism came from him. that was his "change" the eu was actually goin ... show more
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My puppy was exposed to Distemper?

I bought a Pomeranian puppy 3 days ago from my local pet store. Thinking that the puppy was healthy I let it play with my Chihuahua puppy who is also a puppy. 3 days later the Pomeranian died and the ... show more
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Do you think any mirgants should come befor americams that have been hear?

Is their any right to not put Americans safety needs health hunger and so so many other things when it was paid and worked for by them and my fear it cause more trouble in the future putting not Ameri ... show more
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Why do feminist think women deserve special rights in prison?

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How severely does the presence of religion in this era disgust you?

I think it is an absolute disgrace.
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Which of these pro wrestlers do/did you like better?

Pete Dunne or Tommaso Ciampa Johnny Gargano or Ricochet Brian Cage or Cesaro Neville or Seth Rollins Juventud Guerrera or Jamie Noble Kenny Omega or AJ Styles Fenix or Kota Ibushi Chris Jericho ... show more
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